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Will this be another year of superficial content on social media?

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Will this be another year of superficial content on social media?

During the first seven days of 2016, social networks have already experienced viral phenomena such as “Be like José”, “Do you want to know that hahaha greetings” or the videos of “Don Chuy” and the raccoon who loses everything. Will we live another year in which community managers will get on the train of ephemeral content? Something that characterized social networks last year was the content that became very viral and in less than 24 hours it practically disappeared, with cases such as #TheDress or #HaloSolar. The community managers of the brands were dedicated to being ready to jump immediately on the train of the day.

The issue is not minor, according to Statista data, in Mexico 45 percent of the population has access to social networks and in 2015 there was an advertising Paraguay Phone Number List investment of 3,513 million pesos in this sector. Seven days into 2016, there are signs that the trend could remain and become even more superficial. In Mexico there were already phenomena on Twitter and Facebook such as “Be like José” , to which hundreds of brands of all sizes joined, then the phrase “Pa k you want to know that haha ​​greetings” became part of popular culture from the country.

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Such topics also generate immediate interest. According to Google Trends, when these phenomena arose, people searched for them, especially to find out the origin. Short videos and animated videos have also made an impact so far this year. A video of a raccoon losing his food when he tries to wash it and a man from Tamaulipas, named Don Chuy, who jumped from the second floor of a house became very viral . What does all of the above mean? Should the community managers of the brands and companies simply dedicate themselves to seeing what is happening to find a way to participate in the conversation? It seems that this is the easy way.

The challenge for CMs is to be able to go beyond ephemeral content and go beyond likes and seek engagement that is truly beneficial for brands. How to do it? One way is Brother Cell Phone List to create original content and give consumers a voice and make them their own. Only time will tell if 2016 is characterized by the ephemeral or superficial in social networks or if we will have the opportunity to take the next step in content for the web and social media.

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