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Why can’t Social Media Marketing give immediate results?

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Why can’t Social Media Marketing give immediate results?

Lately I have been looked for by prospects interested in me managing their social media strategy and so far it would sound normal being that it is what I do, however the request is accompanied by the statement that they want the job only for a week or “in the best of the cases ”only for three months, time that they consider sufficient to reflect results. I imagine that the same thing happens to many of my colleagues.

Those of us who somehow dedicate ourselves to digital marketing know (or have learned) that it is a process that takes time and that rarely gives immediate results and less Netherlands Phone Number List in a week! All possible efforts can be made but it will only remain in that, in intentions or some other achievement generated by luck.

I do not doubt that the reasons that accompany these requests are totally justifiable, it may be due to budget, because the boss is asking them for immediate results or because they have the false belief that once the strategy begins, it goes alone…. And I suppose that these beliefs have also been (sadly) supported by some “gurus or experts” in digital marketing that promise miraculous results in a short time. To understand the value of Marketing in Social Networks I propose to review or know the basic principles of marketing in general, we speak of the “Marketing Funnel” or “Marketing Funnel”.

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CSThere are several models adapted to Marketing Funnel for Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc. However, looking at it in a basic and flat way, marketing in Social Networks begins with attracting attention through valuable content that generates an emotional reaction. Creating knowledge, perception and memory is just the first stage of the funnel (Awareness). As this process is repeated over and over again based on a continuous delivery of valuable content, it eventually succeeds in developing the interest that attracts prospects to follow the brand’s social channels. In this way and if the content delivered is not only valuable but well prepared and with a real intention of helping the prospect, the desire to continue consuming it can then be created .

This continuity in the interest of the consumption of said content is what over time inclines the prospect to identify that his need is perfectly well covered by the brand, and Brother Cell Phone List that is when he is ready to carry out the purchase action . The last stage of the funnel is when marketing is associated with customer service, continuous discounts and customer loyalty, at this stage all efforts are dedicated to retention .

In this way we can understand and / or explain when we have requests for miraculous projects, that any marketing action, whether digital or not, is a process. Here miracles have no place. The next time you are asked or want to carry out a marketing project in social networks, know well that as any process takes time to give adequate results (Marketing Funnel). It is even good to know that there comes a time (breaking point) where even if millions are invested, it is impossible to accelerate that time. And yes … definitely patience (in every sense) is one of the indispensable skills for digital strategists.

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