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Which business sectors best serve their customers through social media?

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Which business sectors best serve their customers through social media?

Spain.- Consumers in this digital age demand fluid communication with brands through the internet on a daily basis, either by direct messages through brand accounts on social networks. A situation that in Spain, little more than half of the companies assume. These data on current needs in the customer service sector are derived from the VI Delivery of the study “The Social Consumer. Maturity of Social Customer Service in the Spanish Market 2015 ”presented by Altitude Software.

In this sixth and last installment of the aforementioned report it is shown “that the activity sector to which a company belongs has a very important influence on Oman Phone Number List the way it relates to its customers through social networks.” In this way, “the brands analyzed that belong to the Banking, Telecommunications and Insurance sectors are the ones that most talk with their followers using these tools. On the contrary, Consumption-Food, Hotels and Travel Agencies use social channels, referring their customers to traditional channels of “one to one” customer service such as the telephone or e-mail.

Another of the conclusions that can be drawn from this study is that Twitter is the most popular channel for companies when it comes to proactively offering solutions to the consumer, since 59.74% of companies try to resolve their inquiries. followers through the popular microblogging site, compared to 41.56% of companies that do the same on Facebook. The profiles on these social networks of Spanish companies are also relatively young, with an average age of 4.37 years.

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The resolution of problems, the attribute most valued by the social consumer. As in traditional customer service channels, the social media consumer wants their question to be resolved. In this regard, brands have to improve, since more than half of companies have a rate lower than 25% on Twitter, and only 8% respond to more than half of the tweets they receive from users. On Facebook, nine out of ten companies have a low or very low response rate.

In terms of response time, only 19% respond to the first interaction on Twitter in less than 30 minutes. In addition, the report “El Consumidor Social. Maturity of Social Customer Service in the Spanish Market 2015 “discovers that the most common hours in which companies respond is Brother Cell Phone List the usual working hours of 8 or 9 hours from Monday to Friday.” “Society increasingly demands omnichannel communication, and they want to have a professional at their service regardless of the means they choose to contact brands. In addition, the immediate nature of the Internet causes consumers to expect speed from the company when it comes to solving their doubts ”as Raquel Serradilla, vice president for Southern Europe at Altitude Software, points out.

That is why it is essential that the official profiles that the brands have on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook clearly show the customer service hours. In this way, it is avoided to defraud the expectations of the consumer, who assumes these social channels as 24/7 by having an online presence, which extends to services such as customer service.

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