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What is lean marketing? 3 techniques to implant it

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What is lean marketing? 3 techniques to implant it

International.- When it comes to marketing, perhaps one of the great unknown is Lean Marketing. Surely, maybe you haven’t even heard of this concept. That is why, so in this note, we are going to offer you an approach to it, as well as some of the best ways to do it in order to implement it in the marketing strategy of your firm or business.

To begin with, we will offer you the definition given by the marketer Carlos Bravo about Lean Marketing. For him, this type of marketing, “brings together all the tasks, techniques Saudi Arabia Phone Number List and actions of marketing that allow a highly effective promotion of products, brands and people, flexible to adapt advertising messages in real time and at low cost”.

As you can see, with this type of marketing, the company, firm or business can achieve excellent results by investing very little money, which is why this type of marketing has become very suitable for companies that are just starting out. in the business world. But, apart from this definition, so that you can do Lean Marketing in your brand or business; Next, we are going to offer you 3 ways to do it so that you can implement this marketing strategy with resounding success.

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1.- Create stories of your clients

Thanks to social networks, it is now much easier to create your customers’ stories. And it is very important to create a story with which customers put themselves in a situation and feel totally identified.

2.- Select keywords

When launching a Lean Marketing campaign, you must bear in mind that you will have to select the words that you will include in it and with which you want your Brother Cell Phone List campaign to rank. Among the tools that you can choose to select keywords are: Google Adwords, Google Correlate and Keywordshitter, among others.

3.- Make use of metrics

Today, almost everything can be measured on the Internet. One of the most important metrics tools is Google Analyitics, since, with it, you will be able to know very precisely what the behavior of users is on your website, which are your most visited pages and the posts that are most successful. With this tool and with the results they give you, you will be able to improve your website according to everything it tells you.

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