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What is DevOps: advantages, benefits and tools for business

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What is DevOps: advantages, benefits and tools for business

The need for companies to stay competitive in a context of high speed of change has been one of the causes of the massive implementation of Agile concepts by any type of organization. We tell you what devops is and how it can help business.You may also be interested in: MBA in Digital Entrepreneurship Software companies cannot remain oblivious to this need for agility , and in 2008, at a conference on agility, several experts discussed a greater integration of the departments of infrastructure and IT operations and software development from agility , with the aim of increasing the production of the software. In this way, the concept of DevOps was born , an acronym in English for development and operations .VIDEO Exponential entrepreneurship: how to grow fast and on course? Download INDEX OF CONTENTS What is DevOps DevOps is a software development methodology based on integration between developers and system administrators that aims to leverage an organization to produce higher quality products and services, at lower cost, and at greater speed. Advantages of the DevOps methodology The large adoption that companies are making today of DevOps is motivated by the large number of advantages that its adoption brings .  Germany Business Phone List  Among all these advantages, we list the main ones below: DevOps increases cooperation and understanding between departments in an organization , especially between operations and development departments.Increase the production and deployment of software developments through production systems called deployment or continuous delivery, which translates into greater development agility.


Increased agility translates into improved quality through near-continuous product verification from the earliest stages of development and by reducing potential errors.The automation of control procedures against threats and vulnerabilities under DevOps methodologies offers greater security for the applications developed .Continuous delivery allows greater flexibility and adaptation to the environment than traditional development systems where deployment time is longer.
Benefits of the DevOps culture DevOps is not a proper organizational culture, as we said before, it is an agile methodology for software development. However, we cannot deny that DevOps requires a strong culture based on collaboration and communication in order to integrate different areas of the organization.In this way, companies that implement DevOps necessarily work on the culture of their organization to eliminate adoption barriers and thus achieve the objectives set.Working with a strong culture of collaboration and communication is not an easy task, but some actions that help in its achievement can be identified, such as the following:Develop a more horizontal business organization that favors natural communication among its members.Carry out Team Building actions that enhance collaboration between team members in non-day-to-day contexts.Incorporation of communication tools and collaborative work.Once a culture of high levels of collaboration and communication has been built and cemented, the benefits of devops are many, such as the following:
By improving communication, barriers to the integration of departments are reduced, and it allows continuous improvement of processes towards higher performance .Communication not only takes place internally, but communication channels with the customer are improved, allowing greater interaction and, therefore, greater overall satisfaction of the product received. Bank Email List
Some higher levels of collaboration increase business productivity, and consequently enables increase sales and profits.DevOps toolsEffective software implementations under the DevOps methodology are usually based on an integrated set of solutions , or a list of independent tools that aim to automate , reduce the number of errors, increase the agility of the team and its scaled no matter how small it is.Among the wide variety of tools on the market to implement agile methodologies for software development under DevOps methodology , we highlight the following:Docker . Leader in the container tools segment that allows automating the administration of parts of the software as independent containers that can be executed in any environment.Kubernetes . Orchestrator that enables the administration of complex distributed systems for developers working with Linux containers.Github . Development version control platform that allows the operational and development teams to be aligned in the same administration and control tool from the same source code.Jenkins . Continuous integration and distribution tool written in Java with a strong graphical user interface, used for reporting changes, conducting live testing, and distributing code across multiple machines.

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