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What is a KPI in marketing?

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What is a KPI in marketing?

Whenever we talk about the design and implementation of marketing strategies , whether they are traditional marketing or online marketing and social media, they appear associated in the marking and planning of annual objectives, concepts of measurement, follow-up, monitoring… .in short. metrics and analytics or analytics and metrics essential to control the “state of health” of our business model.It is now when the world of data is most latent. Of the data that must be transformed into information. From information to knowledge, and from knowledge to Insights. To be able to help make high value and impact business decisions.  New Zealand Phone Number List  has revolutionized and transformed the digital world, changing consumer habits and promoting crisis marketing that has had the customer and data as its pillars, translated into objectives, KPIs and decision-making.It is precisely in this phase, where digital marketing is integrated with Business Intelligence where the term KPI acquires its full potential and usability. It is where the KPIS really help to take charge of the business, to grow and be profitable by working on ROI .The word KPI comes from the English term ” Key Performance Indicators “.

This translates, neither more nor less, as the “key performance indicators”. That is, those variables, metrics or factors, units of measurement, that we consider “strategic” in our company. And that therefore directly influence the “core business”. or profit and profitability of the brand.The establishment of KPI’s in a company usually results in a Control Panel or Balance Score Card, a tool that would collect the main indicators of marketing or the company at the managerial / presidency level.

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And later at the impact area level: SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media …In this post we will not focus on marketing-oriented KPIs, but we must not forget that a company must also establish and implement financial, commercial, process, quality, human resource indicators or KPIs….Everything will depend on the type of company, the business model and the sector in which we operate.In the first place, it is essential to stop and think and ask yourself questions about what are the factors that really affect your business model, for this: Analyze the type and weight of all your income. From what sources of traffic comes the sales of your brand. Once we have them defined, we must lower a level of analysis to predefine which of the sources are the most profitable.

Synthesize and analyze the type and weight of your expenses. It is key to understanding and defining Profit. Establish expenses by traffic source, by type of campaign, advertisement …Which products / services bring you more income and which ones generate more expenses. Do we really have a product cost structure in place in the company? You have calculated product by product the cost, margin, RRP and profit. Well, it’s time to get down to business. Behavior, average purchase and types of customers. It is essential to understand the buying behavior of our customers.  Bank Email List  Not only to apply loyalty strategies but to segment by profitability (Life Time Value).The level of satisfaction. Do we have KPIS implemented for the level of satisfaction of our client portfolio? From a rating system to an NPS (Net Promoter Score). Corporate website or online store, what weight and importance do they have in your coOnce we have the list of indicators or KPIS, we cannot forget that a KPI must meet the following requirements if we want it to be valid: limiting yourself to a single relevant aspect is essential. For example: “combined ticket sales revenue at the physical box office.” This aspect will help to combine different variables to create complex KPIs that will give us the real pulse of the business at a glance.

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