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What are the key online marketing trends for 2016?

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What are the key online marketing trends for 2016?

The online marketing sector is exciting, but it can also be very fast and volatile, because it grows and evolves with the channels that it serves, not to mention the millions of users who define and delimit, like never before, the initiatives. of the brands that will be successful with each other.

For the Súmate agency, these are the trends that will mark the e-commerce and internet sector during 2016, the year in which there will be more stability, reflection and diversification for the sector according to its experts.

  1. Increase in online advertising budgets

“Who does not want to be on the Internet? More and more companies and small online businesses decide that who is not on the Internet, does not exist. However, thanks to increased Malta Phone Number List competition, greater possibilities for segmentation and market maturity, the cost of campaigns will increase in 2016. At least that is how the trend has been over the years and with the growth of the demand to be present in the online world.

  1. Virtual reality

Without a doubt, this is one of the most anticipated technological advances for both companies and users. Apparently, virtual reality devices will finally be available throughout 2016, and will represent a milestone for the development of the business of many companies and brands, who will be able to test their products and services in advance before putting them on sale.

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  1. Mobile marketing

Not without my cell phone! Taking into account that searches and purchases through mobile phones in Spain have grown exponentially in recent years, in 2016 companies will have to adapt the designs of their web pages to this format, or create adaptable mobile applications if they want to reach your desired audience.

  1. Internet of things

Although it is still an immature market in Spain, the penetration of wearable devices (such as smart watches) among society is strong enough for the market to continue growing in 2016. During this year, brands could take advantage to the data offered by the Internet of Things, which will help the development of extremely personalized marketing actions.

  1. Quality content

Every minute an average of 1,400 posts is published on the Internet. With these figures, standing out above the rest of the brands is a challenge for 2016. Hence the importance Brother Cell Phone List of the quality of the content of the posts that are published. Companies that have opted for a regular generation of useful content for their audience have found that the benefits are appreciated in the medium-long term.

A specific advertising campaign offers benefits during the days or weeks while it is running; But a good post attracts Internet users for months and even years.

  1. Digital video and YouTube advertising

This year will be characterized as the year of digital video consumption. According to the YouTube Insights report for the second quarter of 2014, 66% of consumers of beauty products say that the key lies in the videos that show them how these elements fit into their lifestyle.

In addition, according to eMarketer figures, in the United States it is expected that in 2017 $ 9 billion will be allocated to digital ads. Taking these figures into account, online video ad spend is set to soon surpass spending on television ads. “

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