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Types of advertising campaign you can do on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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Types of advertising campaign you can do on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Statistical data and information on digital trends from WeAreSocial show that users of social networks have grown 26 percent compared to the previous year , with participation in mobile devices being higher with 30 percent more than in 2016.

Considering that 50 percent of the world’s population has access to the Internet , today it is essential to stand out in the different existing communication channels. Facebook leads the ranking of users in social networks, with the highest number of registered and active people in the Afghanistan Phone Number List world. Also owned by Mark Zuckerberg,  Instagram joins the competition, since it has a monthly average of 600 million active people per month and despite the fact that its market share does not appear in the first places, Twitter is an opponent, since Another 317 million people work there, making it the tenth most used social platform worldwide.

The variation in existing social networks, as well as the multifaceted interaction of users, has led brands to create specialized departments to serve the digital consumer, with specific and different campaigns for each social platform.

Thus, these are some types of digital campaigns that you can use to encourage your strategy in these social networks:

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Facebook: The social network par excellence is ideal to reach as many consumers as possible and for that Facebook Ads may be the best option. Although the process is guided, it is recommended:

  • It allows you to divide the campaign objectives, from promoting posts, generating traffic to your site to increasing the number of attendees to an event. 
  • It is recommended to include a link in the text. Most people click on the ad image instead of the gray Facebook button. 
  • Show 3 images in your ad to have more possibility to convert, same message, different content.


Twitter: The platform specializes in microblogging . By elimination, the main objective of Twitter is to deliver a lot of information very quickly.  

  • Using campaigns that are based on hashtag positioning is of greater benefit for brands, since finding information by searching for specific topics can be used to gain followers in a particular segment.
  • Use SEO positioning through a campaign Brother Cell Phone List saturated with keywords, to continue implementing the hashtag strategy with the highest performance.
  • Eliminate massive follow / unfollow from your strategy in order to grow the community.

Instagram: Being from Facebook, your digital campaign works the same way. First of all, link your account with the Facebook page that you use to start creating campaigns in Instagram Ads or in Power Editor .

  • rea a new campaign and choose your targets for ads on Instagram : drive traffic to your website, conversions or video displays.
  • It is better to use the square format (1080px X 1080px) than the rectangular format. The ad is much more appreciated.
  • The minimum size for horizontal ads is 600px X 315px and for square ads 600px X 600px.
  • Ads on Instagram only let you add 20% text to the image (just like on Facebook ).
  • Add calls to action in your image or video and you will see how your results are doubled.

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