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This was the trolling between The Walking Dead and The Punisher (a great display of humor)

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This was the trolling between The Walking Dead and The Punisher (a great display of humor)

The ‘trolling’ between the official accounts of The Walking Dead and The Punisher can be a clear example of how an agile mind and a little creativity can result in something positive for both brands. It is clear that the figure of the ‘troll’ is not very well seen in the world of social networks, this because it generally serves to target users or brands but, when there is a creative response, it can guide an exercise humorous that benefits the parties involved.

During the weekend there was an interaction between one of the series that had a great engagement in its beginnings and another that promises to have it when it opens; We talk Brazil Phone Number List about The Walking Dead and The Punisher. We know that Netflix and Marvel have an important digital marketing campaign to promote The Punisher , in fact, they released a new teaser of the series in which he invites you to “read between the lines”, although the patience of the fans is running out.

This was seen as an opportunity by The Walking Dead community manager who “did read between the lines” to give his answer. It turns out that they took advantage of Jon Bernthal’s past in the zombie series to make a curious publication: “We will assume that it says ‘I am Judith’s real father'” The response was very prompt, from the Netflix account they asked “not to punish the inner dead” and The Punisher responded with a GIF of Frank Castle lamenting . Of course the users engaged in the conversation, resulting in a very productive exercise for both sets.

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The origin of everything is because Jon Bernthal , who plays Frank in The Punisher, also played Shane, Rick’s best friend and was Lori’s lover, in the first seasons, but then he left the series. Why is the action positive for both series? Both are preparing their respective premieres, AMC’s The Walking Brother Cell Phone List Dead is one of the most watched series in the 7 seasons that it has in force, although it has lost punch in the last installments, it is still attractive and fans are already waiting for the return. October.

The Punisher, meanwhile, Netflix and Marvel are preparing their debut on the streaming platform, it is speculated that it will be this month of and the expectation grows. Investment in digital marketing in the world would reach 229,250 million dollars this 2017, according to eMarketer projections. However, it is a fact that many times the best actions can be those that do not require a greater investment but those that are the product of great ingenuity and creativity.

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