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Therefore provide themselves with the means to provide a pleasant

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Therefore provide themselves with the means to provide a pleasant

Today, it is clear that the to provide a pleasant  experience is no longer just a necessity for companies, but is becoming an emergency. The to provide a pleasant  -centric approach is now the vision on which companies must bet to satisfy, retain and improve the daily lives of their customers. This assumes that you go well beyond this traditional commercial to provide a pleasant  and that you put in place these processes that will allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition. Today it is a fact, there are more mobile users than Internet users connected via desktop computers. The trend is towards small screens and your business must adapt if it is not to lose potential customers. Many companies have already made this update to their site in order to provide their customers



with a pleasant browsing experience regardless of the New Zealand Phone Number List used. However, it is not uncommon for websites to perform poorly on mobile devices. A page that is slow to load negatively affects how customers perceive your brand. It doesn’t make them come back. The most common causes of these delays can be various. From optimizing your images to lightening your site code, find in this post the elements that you absolutely must review to reduce the slowness of your site for mobile users.Did you optimize your site for mobile? Sometimes websites are not really optimized for mobile media. The first question to ask yourself in this case is: Do you have a dedicated mobile website (like m.facebook for example) or have you opted for a responsive design site?

There is also a set of best practices you can apply so that your site’s code doesn’t slow it down

Both are effective methods and have significant advantages. Remember that a responsive design site is easier to create, costs less and adapts to all screens. Whatever mobile strategy you choose, the page load time on your site should not exceed 3 seconds. Beyond that, you risk seeing your visitors go away, as this study from the Kissmetrics site shows . Are your images well optimized? How heavy are the images on your site? This is a question you must ask yourself. If the images on your site are too heavy, they will not appear quickly. This slowdown manifests itself in load times which can be stressful whether on desktops or mobile devices.


If your images are not in the correct format, some software like Photoshop can help you normalize them. Choose standard formats like PNG, JPG or GIF. By fixing image loading issues on your site, you allow your readers to have an engaging experience. In addition, you will go one step further to stand out from the 90% of Alexa Top 1000 websites whose page load speed is affected by poorly optimized image files. For information, this study was conducted on a million websites by the company Alexa, a specialist in statistics on global web traffic. Do your videos load quickly?

Africa has one of the highest mobile user rates

If images that are slow to load is a “stress” factor for Internet users, a video that loads in slow motion is worse. The videos are not, however, to be neglected. This format is an opportunity to bring the content of your site to life. It is, moreover, one of the most popular formats with Internet users. A study revealed by Ericsson points to the fact that a YouTube video that had a loading delay of two seconds caused a 3% increase in viewers’ stress levels. For users of mobile devices, the experience is even more unpleasant, especially when it comes to a connection through cellular data. Videos that don’t load quickly are also a possible cause of a high bounce rate .

If you use videos in your content, make sure they are well placed in the background. Thus, their loading will not be a disturbing element for the visitor. If you have long videos like infomercials, you can use a share link or call-to-action so mobile users can send the video to each other if they are interested in it and continue browsing quietly. Have you integrated external media? Does your website embed external media such as YouTube videos, or applications like Flickr and other widgets? For a mobile user, these resources can significantly slow down the upload speed. For these, two options are available to you.


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