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The White House has a Snapchat account, why?

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The White House has a Snapchat account, why?

Almost all brands and companies have Facebook accounts, many also use Twitter, but currently there are a number of services that are being targeted by communication teams. Such is the case with Snapchat . Today the White House announced that it already has an account in this communication service. Snapchat is the communication app with the highest growth in the number of users. What started as a platform for ephemeral messages that many media accused of being a place for “sexting” among teenagers, is an impressive platform of branded content for media and brands.

Today Snapchat has more than one hundred million active users every day and most of them are young people between 13 and 34 years old. Therefore, it is not uncommon for brands and communication teams to want to join Snapchat . The day before Barack Obama presented the “State New Zealand Phone Number List of the Union,” the presidential administration report, the White House announced that it now has a Snapchat account. Through a statement, the press department of the US president’s office pointed out that entering Snapchat is part of the communication strategy in social media of the Obama administration, who a few months ago launched his personal account on Twitter, and his page on Facebook.

Since he was a candidate, the Obama team has placed great importance on social media services. Currently the White House has official accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, SlideShare, Scribd, Flickr, Google+ and now Snapchat. The first thing the White House published on Snapchat this Monday morning were two videos. The first shows a basket of apples in the Oval Office and the second shows Press Secretary Josh Earnest before leaving to give a conference before the media.

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Last week, the Wall Street Journal debuted its channel on the Discover section of Snapchat. Something that attracted attention because it is a “serious” medium compared to those that are currently on that platform: Vice, Buzzfeed, People, Fusion, IGN, Daily Mail , among others, that publish “soft” content. It should be noted that unlike many brands and public and private institutions, the White House does know how to distinguish between the particular characteristics of each platform and they are not just automatic repetitions of the same note.

On Facebook, where it has more than 5 million 402 thousand followers, the White House shows videos, short texts and links to the official site. On Flickr there is an impressive Brother Cell Phone List selection of photographs of the President’s events, on Scribd there are official documents. All social media platforms are an instrument for the propaganda of the Obama administration , who will surely be remembered as the first president to make good use of social media services.

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