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The war against ad blockers, a losing battle?

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The war against ad blockers, a losing battle?

The increase in the use of ad blockers is an issue that concerns advertisers, agencies and digital media. Some have tried to prohibit access to those who use them but it has not worked as they wanted. Are attempts to force people to see the ads in vain? Ad blockers are browser extensions or programs that prevent advertisements from being displayed on your computer or mobile devices.

It is estimated that in Mexico 10 percent of internet users use ad blockers while in the United States it is 15 percent. The country that uses them the most is Greece, where about 37 percent of users decided to install something to avoid seeing ads, according to Statista data. Perhaps Lithuania Phone Number List the percentage of installed ad blockers is not that great, but it does weigh on the industry. According to data from Pagefair and Adobe, last year ad blockers represented an economic cost of 21.8 billion dollars for the advertising industry and it is estimated that in 2016 the figure could reach 41 billion.

In the United States alone, 15 billion dollars were invested in digital advertising during the months of August to October of last year, 23 percent more than the same period but in 2014. Investment in ads is important for digital media (publishers ) that survive thanks to that money. That is why it is not uncommon for them to seek to discourage the use of ad blocker, although it does not always work out well.

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A couple of weeks ago Forbes began not allowing users with ad blockers to access its content, but the experiment did not go well because, according to dozens of reports on Twitter, when someone deactivated the extension to enter the site, they sent malware  . After the complaints, Forbes stopped banning access to those who have ad blockers and published a post with “what they learned from this experience.” In the UK several outlets have tried to do the same, some of which are The Inquirer and City Am, which ask visitors to remove ad blockers. Also the porn industry fights against ad blockers, sites like Pornhub request that they be deactivated.

The issue of ad blockers is a problem that worries the industry and it is not only that people do not want to see pop-ups, but that they do not trust digital advertising. According Brother Cell Phone List to a Nielsen report , 46 percent of users trust the ads they see on websites, social media, and search engines. Which means that more than half do not.

The fact that many people do not want to see or do not trust internet ads has made some brands and publishers adopt other advertising strategies, such as branded content, sponsorships and product placement in quality content which is often created by them. users. For now it seems that for digital agencies, publishers and brands it is the way to go.

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