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The 5 things you should remove from your LinkedIn profile to find a better job

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The 5 things you should remove from your LinkedIn profile to find a better job

Currently, LinkedIn is the most important labor network in the world, since until the second quarter of 2017 it reported more than 500 million users , but it is expected to reach 2018 with 800 million , because it has become the preferred platform for brands to search for personnel as well as recruitment areas of human resources.

In addition, the platform, owned by Microsoft , publishes tools almost monthly so that job candidates have more options to search or change jobs, while the Human Resources Cyprus Phone Number List areas have premium options to recruit. However, there are leftover aspects that a profile should not have, as a recruiter will only look for 10 seconds to determine whether or not to hire .

Buzzwored Overused.Every year LinkedIn releases 10 buzzwords, which become a trend and then a cliché. Words such as “specialized”, “leadership”, “passionate”, “strategic”, “experienced, focused, expert, certified, creative or excellent”, are words overused by many users, or, if you will use them, it is advisable to have experience that backs up every word.

Superlatives. According to Fast Company, excessive superlatives, meaning words that are subjectively interpreted, are a vice in any message or text design for recruiters. Instead, the ideal is to issue more arguments with evidence, examples of something created from scratch while they were at their previous job, or improving a process, etc.

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Ambiguous or vague information. One of the most common mistakes in LinkedIn profiles is the use of vague and cliché words, or phrases such as “experience of …”, “I collaborated with …”, “entrepreneur of …”, among others, which will make you think that they are aspects to fill in a profile, so it is best not to use them and focus on the skills and how you applied them.

Very basic skills. Mentioning computer skills, office or photoshop, will not make you seem responsible or punctual, but behind with new knowledge or little curious with new technologies, and it will not impress any recruiter.

Activities not related to the job for which you are applying. Like Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat, LinkedIn would seem like a social network, but it is not, since you Brother Cell Phone List cannot empty activities or write as if you were thinking aloud, on the contrary, it is a work network where serious brands look for employees all time. Ideally, avoid: personal comments, responses to comments or forwarding articles, posts or videos that have nothing to do with your career.

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