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The 5 practices to follow for more qualified prospects

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The 5 practices to follow for more qualified prospects

Facilitate the management of the the 5 practices to follow  relationship in IT tools. integrate collaborative tools to develop synergy between the the 5 practices to follow  departments and optimize internal processes; It therefore guarantees the the 5 practices to follow  development of the company, with a duty to innovate, while ensuring the proper functioning of the information system. But who says digital transformation, says new processes, new organization, new professions. It is in this sense that in some companies, positions such as the CDO (Chief Digital Officer) are increasingly emerging. Digitization is now the prerogative of all companies. It is no longer just a technological issue, but also takes root in the company’s strategic and business discussions.



The CDO is responsible for defining the company’s digital USA Phone Number List and acts as a catalyst for the company’s digital transformation. He is responsible for disseminating the digital culture within the organization and defining the training needs of the various employees.In short, he is responsible for the digital policy and the supervision of the digital operations of the company. A good Chief Digital Officer must have some expertise in the use of digital assets, choose the most relevant channels and tools, the most suitable economic models for the company. He must have a good vision of the different market trends to offer solutions that will promote the best experience for the company’s customers.

This will allow customers to have a positive image of these companies

If digital is today recognized as a source of cost reduction both through the emergence of economic models of technologies and in the way it is easier to reach and manage customer relations, professions such as CIOs or CDOs (we can also include the CMO, data scientist) are experiencing a real revolution and must understand their new prerogatives. Because, they now have the role of guiding companies on the strategic aspect concerning the integration of digital, and also on the organizational and operational aspects around new technologies. The digital transformation in Senegal is not yet well underway. However, companies are aware of the potential of digital technology and of the various advantages, it can provide them in terms of notoriety, improvement of its visibility with its audience, and personalization of the various interactions with prospects.


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The marketing team is thus able to produce specific content that meets the expectations

By clicking on “Send” below, you authorize the BY FILLING company to store and process the personal data submitted above so that it can provide you with the requested content. By Filling is an inbound & digital marketing firm in Senegal and Ivory Coast. Thanks to a unique marketing approach based on the production of content, we support companies in generating more visibility, notoriety and recruiting prospects and customers on the internet. Social media are now an integral part of the communication strategy of companies. As well used for the improvement of the capital sympathy as to arouse the engagement of the Net surfers and to converse with its customers and subscribers,


these media are interesting levers for being as close as possible to your community, collecting feedback and gaining a better understanding of its needs. You also need to be able to build this community. We can categorize the use of social networks by companies in different phases, ranging from those who are experimenting with these spaces (a use mainly focused on communication by adopting a push and pass approach), to those who use them strategically (These companies have succeeded in exploiting social media in a completely industrial way by evolving in a coordinated and integrated approach of the augmented customer relationship).

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