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Take Care of Your Rate and Response Time on Facebook

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Take Care of Your Rate and Response Time on Facebook

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Who Can Now Know Their Response Rate To Messages Received

We know the giant Facebook’s desire to facilitate communication both between its users and between brands and their customers. To do this, we have seen over the years new features being add to the social network which, at the base, was limite only to ensuring exchanges between users. Thus was born the Facebook Page , which allowed brands to have a privileged presence on the social network; a different presence from that of an average user with an account. Many features, including Facebook Insight, were subsequently add to Facebook Pages, in order to always improve exchanges between brands and their customers; and lastly, the new find from Mark Zuckerberg’s team is a feature that gauges the responsiveness of brands with a page. In easy language, what


does that give? Well ! For some time now, Facebook has become one of the best – if not the best – ways for brands to interact with their customers and potential customers. Thanks to their Pages, brands have managed to get closer to consumers, with whom they now interact almost every day. However, it will be note that some Internet users prefer to send private messages. Rather than leaving comments that can be seen by everyone. While it is easy to gauge the responsiveness of page admins via the comments thread, it is not so easy to know how these admins are doing with private messages. Here is in a concise way the need which comes to answer this new functionality of Facebook. This is two pieces of information added to the right of the cover photo, only visible to

Contributes To The Acquisition Of New Prospects

page administrators, , and their reactivity time. This is not the only novelty, however, because a “highly responsive to messages” mention is also added to the page, which is materialized by a green badge visible to users. Concretely, what is the most of this functionality? For a brand present on the social network, interacting with Internet users, customers or potential customers is of capital importance. It is the very basis of customer relations. A well-conducted conversation can convert a prospect into a customer. Thus, by integrating this new functionality, Facebook wants to encourage brands to improve their communication with their customers. The most responsive are thus rewarded with the badge “highly responsive to messages”, which reinforces the credibility of the brand and encourages users to contact it more.

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