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Strategy and Techniques to Optimize Ecommerce Conversion

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Strategy and Techniques to Optimize Ecommerce Conversion

In this article we are going to analyze what strategies you can apply to optimize conversion in ecommerce.In other words, how to get to sell more without increasing traffic in your online store and increasing the profitability of all your marketing actions.Logic could make you think that in the face of such evidence everyone will be investing resources in improving conversion, right?But the reality is quite illogical many times.Most ecommerce companies focus their resources on strategies to attract traffic and leave conversion optimization on hold.  Mexico Phone Number List  As you can guess, this approach can cost you a lot of money.We are going to illustrate it with an example to give you an idea of ​​the magnitude of the problem.To optimize the conversion in your ecommerce effectively we have to face the project in phases.

Can you successfully apply any optimization technique on your website in isolation without going through all of them? Yes.But your goal should be to optimize your sales funnel in the long term and if you do not follow these steps it will be impossible to achieve it consistently.You must remember that “what is not defined cannot be measured. What is not measured can not be improved. What is not improved, is always degraded ”.As you do not want this to happen to your business, I am going to show you the strategy to develop it correctly.

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The development of a CRO project is more complex than what I will show you in this article, but showing it exhaustively would be beyond the scope and objective of this article: to offer strategies and tactics that you can apply in the short term.Therefore, I have summarized it in 4 simple and actionable phases that you can start with today. These are:Phase 1: Identify your ideal customer.Phase 2: Analyze your purchase decision process. Phase 3: Design a measurement plan to measure the effectiveness of the optimization processAll businesses revolve around the same axis: their customers.
If you don’t provide a product that offers more value to your customers than the price you are selling it for, you have a problem.
To achieve this, you must satisfy a need or solve a problem that your target audience suffers, offering a differentiating value with respect to your competitors.How to get it?You must identify your ideal client or buyer persona, analyze it to understand their needs and purchase motivations, and based on this knowledge, optimize your sales process.A Buyer Persona is the representation of your ideal client. Grouping both your demographic characteristics and your needs, motivations and personal challenges that define you.
I better explain it to you with an example.Define your buyer personaYour company will not have a single buyer person, but your customers will be divided into several segments. Even in single-product ecommerce there are different customer profiles. Bank Email List 
For example, something as non-innovative as a backpack can satisfy a multitude of needs and vary widely in use among consumers. Depending on its design and how it describes it on your website, it will be identified by its:Each of these qualities attract a different target audience and fit a different type of customer. And although your product may treasure several of them, you must strive to highlight what your customer values ​​the most.In this way, you can adapt your entire strategy to capture their attention and make them see that this product is what they were looking for.”Approaches to differentiation can take many forms: branding or image, technology, features, customer service, dealer network, or other dimensions.”Michael porterTo create your buyer persona, I invite you to fill in the following table putting yourself in the skin of the type profile within the customer segments within your company.NOTE: to do this exercise correctly you must carry out a preliminary research task that helps you to know your target audience. A typical mistake at this point is to believe that your customers think the same as the people you know.

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