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6 mistakes to avoid to increase the conversion rate

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6 mistakes to avoid to increase the conversion rate

The conversion rate, you have surely heard of it before. Even that you make 6 mistakes to avoid it your hobbyhorse. Because yes, today all businesses with a website have understood what a formidable vector of attraction it could be. But when you have attracted the visitor to your site, wouldn’t the next logical step be to see them pass from the status of a simple visitor to that of a prospect? This would already be a first battle won. Conversion is a goal for any marketer who knows that it is an important lever that allows you to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI). And you, how would you analyze your conversion rate in all honesty? Is it satisfactory? Do you think you have an ROI in line with your expectations? For many companies, the answer would be no.



So 6 mistakes to avoid What Is An Unconvincing Cat

If your CTA is not visible as soon as the visitor arrives on your Hungary Phone Number List, tell yourself that you already have a first explanation for your failure. Do you use an action verb? The role of your Call-To-Action button is to prompt your visitor to take an action. So check the verb you used, but remember, it’s not about forcing the visitor, but rather about encouraging them, directing them, something that many companies do not understand. Your goal is to guide the visitor to your CTA, but the visitor should feel free to go to this button. So stay subtle. 2 – An unattractive design If we come back to the first point mentioned, you will remember that we talked about the visibility of your CTA button. This point is extremely important in order to convince your visitor to take the action you want. Imagine a poorly dressed, poorly made-up salesperson coming to your office to offer you products. Would you be inclined to give him your time? Would it be credible according to you?

When He Goes To Your Page, Does The Visitor Know Exactly What Is Coming Out

The mistake made by most companies is to want to give an overview of all the services they offer instead of focusing on the problem of the consumer and offering the service in line with it. Your selling proposition must therefore be unique, that is to say easy to understand. As soon as the visitor arrives on your landing page , the latter should not be confused by many offers. It does not serve you. Your business proposal must meet exactly the need for which your visitor came to your site, in short be specific to the visitor’s need. 4 – Site not optimized for mobile Is your site mobile-friendly ? We cannot repeat it enough, it is essential that your site offers the same experience to the visitor, whatever the medium used by this one. All recent studies show that most content is first opened via media such as smartphones or tablets.

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