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On The Anhui Phone Number Other Hand

Barter. And sell. At that time. Anhui Phone Number ways were sought to add value to products. To be able to effectively communicate all their benefits ; and so little by little it evolved to what it is today. And why is marketing important? Can you be successful without a strategy? A company can sell its products without having a good marketing strategy. But the truth is that it would not be making the most of its potential. And its customers would not have the best possible experience and therefore they would not be completely Anhui Phone Number to the brand. That same company that is not applying marketing could sell twice as much if it did. And create a community that recognizes its products and services. In this way the “win-win” is achieved. As both sides are satisfied with the interaction.

Another important thing you Anhui Phone Number know is the so-called marketing mix —marketing mix or the 4p’s—. Which consists of 4 main points: price: as its name indicates. It is about what you are going to charge for your product or service. And this is defined taking into account the cost of production and the value granted by the client. Place: these are the distribution channels of your product and the places where it can be purchased. Both physically and digitally. Product: this is where your product is completely defined. What its characteristics are. Anhui Phone Number benefits. Its appearance. Added values. Accessories. Etc. Promotion: these are the means that you are going to use to publicize said product. Whether you use traditional or digital media. By knowing and analyzing these 4 p’s.

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After that,  You get a clearer idea of the Anhui phone number that your business can apply. Always keeping in mind that it is a guide and that adjustments can be made if necessary. Traditional marketing knowing the basics. What is considered traditional marketing? Before we explained that marketing was about benefiting both the target market and the company itself. And that does not change in traditional or digital marketing. What does change are the means and tools used to achieve that goal. Person reading a newspaper. Traditional marketing —or also known as offline marketing— is still recent. Since until a few years Anhui Phone Number it was still used as the first option. This emerged in a time of overcrowding. Where it was sought to get the message to everyone regardless of whether or not said message was made for the user.

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A clear example is in street ads. Where everyone who passes by can see it . But only a small percentage of truth is going to be interested in the product or service being promoted. This does not mean that they were bad marketing practices. Quite the contrary. Because at the time they were very Anhui Phone Number and today they are quite useful depending on the case. Traditional marketing media so how do you distribute your message in traditional marketing? Which ones are still used today? To do this. We have prepared a list with the main media and what each of them consists of: television: one of the best known of all. The message is conveyed in short advertisements. Which may be within a program or in so-called commercial breaks.

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In conclusion, Radio: this medium is Anhui Phone Number widely used today. It can appear in the form of sponsorship on radio shows or on breaks. Much like what happens on television. Spectacular: these are the ads that you can find on the street. Which have a more graphic orientation and invite you to call or visit some digital media. It is widely used in local businesses. Newspaper: in its traditional paper version. They have spaces of different sizes per page. Which you can rent to place your ad. Flyers: it is also known as flyer. It is a paper that contains useful information —in this case advertising—. And that is handed out. Magazines: as with newspapers. They have advertising space of Anhui Phone Number sizes. Which companies can rent to put information about their product.

In addition, Through traditional mail. This is less and less used as it is being replaced by email marketing . Loudspeaker: this involves reproducing the advertising message —repeatedly— through loudspeakers in a car. It is very effective for local businesses in subdivisions and neighborhoods. Word of mouth: it is perhaps the oldest medium of all Anhui Phone Number one of those that are still quite effective. Since it is about using the voice to promote the product. Talking about it in person. Guerilla marketing: it is one of the most creative ways that there is in the traditional format. It consists of using the resources that are available to create advertising that impacts the psychology of the consumer.

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