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Of The Product Bahrain Phone Number Matrix

Spanish airlines, with millions of Bahrain Phone Number flights. According to data published by Aena , in the summer of 2019, airlines planned more than 217 million seats and more than 1.2 million commercial passenger operations at the airports of the Spanish network. With this volume of passengers and flights, added to the call for strikes by ground or security personnel, among others, it is not surprising that incidents Bahrain Phone Number . In the summer of 2018 alone, more than 7.5 million passengers from Spain were affected by delays and interruptions to their flights. Forecasts for this summer have not been much better. Spanish airlines: customer service in social networks In addition, to the problems derived directly with flights, we must add complaints about loss or breakage of luggage .

These incidents provoke the anger of Bahrain Phone Number customers who, at first, try to solve it via social networks. Thus, consumers, faced with a bad experience with a product or service, often resort to these platforms to show their discontent. Social networks have become another customer service channel for air passengers. In this situation, airlines have a great ally in Social Listening tools , to actively listen and analyze what their users and customers say on social networks. In this way, the so-called social listening acts as a firewall, allowing Bahrain Phone Number to identify incidents and problems suffered by their passengers, thus avoiding a later reputation crisis .

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Index [ hide ] Monitoring of customer service Bahrain phone number Spanish airlines Iberia, the airline with the most followers on Twitter 99% of Vueling’s tweets are replies Days of the week with activity in their profiles Iberia customer service covers 24 hours Air Nostrum, the one that responds to the most tweets in the first 10 minutes Air Nostrum and Canaryfly, the ones that answer the most queries. Iberia, the least. Languages ​​in which they serve Monitoring Findings Monitoring of customer service of Spanish airlines At Cool Tabs, we wanted to analyze the customer service management carried out during the months of June, July and August by Spanish passenger airlines. To do this, we have Bahrain Phone Number , through our Social Listening tool , the Twitter profiles of 10 airlines : Iberia, Iberia Express, Vueling, Air Europa, Wamos Air, Air Nostrum, Volotea, Binter Canarias, Canaryfly and Evelop.

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It should be noted that, throughout the Bahrain Phone Number , there have been two. Events that make it especially interesting to analyze and learn about the attention. Paid by Spanish airlines on Twitter. On the one hand, we find the strike days called by Iberia’s ground staff. These took place on July 27 and 28, and August 24, 25, 30 and 31, at the Barcelona-El Prat airport. And on August 30 and 31, at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport. On the other hand, we find the incident that a passenger. Had with the low-cost airline Vueling , at the end of July. The Bahrain Phone Number did not allow him to board a flight because he was wearing. A cut Fact that was denounced on Twitter by his sister and that quickly went viral.

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Iberia, the airline with the most Bahrain Phone Number on Twitter Monitoring on. Twitter allows us to analyze and compare metrics such as the period of time in which. Spanish airlines serve their users, response times per minute and hour, or the percentage of tweets that are responded to. But first, let’s look at the number of followers each company has, to get an  they can receive. The most successful company on Twitter , in terms of number of fans, is Iberia with 560,000 followers . It is far behind Vueling, with 292,000 followers. The Bahrain Phone Number position is for Air Europa , with 253,000 followers . This top 10 of the Spanish airlines with the most followers is completed.

Vueling’s tweets are replies During Bahrain Phone Number period under analysis. The Vueling account is the one that has published the most tweets . As can be seen in the graph below, between were replies. The company with the second most publications is Iberia. With 4,940 tweets , of which 4,750 are responses, and Volotea, with 1,240 publications. Of which 1,140 are not original content, but responses to users. Customer service of Spanish airlines Vueling These data give us an idea Bahrain Phone Number ​​the number. Of queries and complaints received by Spanish airlines.

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