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Of Reports Argentina Phone Numbers Development

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Of Reports Argentina Phone Numbers Development

The world have used rudimentary musical instruments to Argentina Phone Numbers harmony of sounds and rhythm as a means of expressing their religiosity and spirit. However, using those instruments and trying to play Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony with themit would be impossible. We could thus go through each of the different artistic disciplines and notice how throughout history its expression has been enhanced according to the evolution of technology in general. This shows that art has always been stimulated by technology and knowledge of the discipline’s own techniques. A second argument about the importance of technology comes from the fact that the very existence of an artistic Argentina Phone Numbers is invariably linked to technology .

Any form of artistic expression requires a minimum of Argentina Phone Numbers and some instruments, no matter how rudimentary. It is evident that in all cultures the type of art and the level of its expression have a direct relationship with the technological development of said culture. an-artistic-discipline-is-invariably-linked-to-technology For millennia the traditional arts (music, dance, theater, painting, sculpture, architecture, literature) have evolved with technology, Argentina Phone Numbers we have reached a stage where technology not only allows new forms of expression of the classical arts, but it opens the possibility for the creation of new artistic disciplines, hitherto unknown.

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The internet , digital manufacturing, nano Argentina phone numbers biotechnology, self-modification, virtual reality and many other technological advances are opening up new fields of artistic expression that were unimaginable until a few years ago. Technology, therefore, not only makes an artistic discipline evolve, but also enables its birth. A third argument that weighs the importance that technology has for art is the role that technology plays in its diffusion . Before the fifteenth century and the invention of the printing press by Gutenberg, there was literature, since we have texts dating from several Argentina Phone Numbers before Christ, however, the diffusion of this art was extremely limit, it was that technological element (the printing press) which favore its diffusion and with it the proliferation of writers and writing for an exclusively aesthetic purpose.

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Not to go very far until 1980 to read a book would have Argentina Phone Numbers go to the bookstore to buy it and have it physically. Until the end of the 19th century, to listen to a symphony, you had to go to the auditorium on the scheduled date and listen to the concert. The phonograph patented by Edison in 1878 allowed an extensive diffusion of musical art among the population. Once again, technology playing its role in the diffusion of art. The invention of the Argentina Phone Numbers in 1895 by the Lumiere brothers allowed dance and theater to have a massive diffusion. And so we could go through each of the arts.

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At present , the production and commercialization of Argentina Phone Numbers . Arts has a direct relationship with the internet , since physical art galleries are no longer. As common as before, now artists exhibit their works through an online platform to exhibit their work. This occurs in all artistic disciplines such as painting, sculpture, cinematography. Photography, graphic design, fashion design, architecture, dance, literature, music, etc. Let us take as an example the situation that is being experience worldwide during the pandemic. Non-essential activities have been Argentina Phone Numbers and, among them, is art. The public is not in a position to visit galleries or museums. However, thanks to the internet we have the opportunity to admire them from home through technology.

We can thus conclude that, although it may Argentina Phone Numbers somewhat extreme, there is no art without technology . The specific forms of expression of each artistic discipline are intimately link to the technology. Developed in a given time or culture and not only the birth of the artistic discipline. And its development, but also its diffusion depends on technology. Put in a synthetic way, we can conclude that the birth, evolution and diffusion of art, in its different disciplines. Linked to technology. However, care not to fall into the extreme. Of giving Argentina Phone Numbers exclusive value to technology. When talking about art. As Diego Levis says ” The tools by themselves do not represent anything, the creativity that the artist. Puts in is need for a work to have deeper factors”. Then we could consider that any skill put into practice

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