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Marketing in music applied on digital platforms

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Marketing in music applied on digital platforms

January is ending and many begin to count the best in music, platforms such as YouTube and Spotify are channels used to broadcast by artists and labels. It is Friday and coincidentally the first month of 2016 is also ending, with it are important news such as the death of David Bowie and the return of PJ Harvey, as well as the Major Lazer concert in Mexico, they are among the most popular.

From streaming music players such as Spotify, which closed 2015 with 75 million users, according to data from the company itself, or YouTube, which has an India Mobile Number List audience of 181 million unique audiences, according to data from Comscore last December, These songs are among the most played. The most listened to song in Mexico during 2015 was “Lean On” by Major Lazer (ft with MØ and DJ Snake), and this continued in January by being part of the main Spotify playlists, one of the possible reasons that it sounds so much is that they are presented this weekend in Mexico City.

The main streaming music service reported that last year they reached 75 million users, in addition to 20 billion hours of music played and 2 billion playlists globally. An alliance between Major Lazer and Spotify is that the latter is one of their sponsors for its presentation in Mexico. The death of the chameleon king Bavid Bowie shocked the world on January 10 at the age of 69. The news was announced by his team through their official Facebook account. The publication was shared more than 384 thousand times and had more than 415 thousand likes.

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The author of Who the man sold the world had time to release a latest hit, Lazarus, which was posted on YouTube a few days before its descent and has so far had more than 27 million 832 thousand views. Singer-songwriter PJ Harvey returns with record material this year and Brother Cell Phone List the first previews of ‘The Hope Six Demolition Project’, her latest work, is already playing on major music channels. The Weel, his first single is already on Spotify, in addition to already having a good marketing strategy on track in media such as Pitchfork and The Guardian, among others, a video (advance) of the album that he published on his account is also part of this strategy YouTube official and that so far has more than 217 thousand views.

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