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Knowing the Consumer Better Allows Us to Take Full Advantage

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Knowing the Consumer Better Allows Us to Take Full Advantage

Ephemeral marketing Time, a data that the consumer sorely lacking. You must therefore know how to be brief, comprehensive and above all creative. One of the strategies that can meet these needs is ephemeral Knowing the Consumer Better . Apps like Snapchat, Periscope, and Vine allow users to create content, but that content has a lifespan on these platforms. Snapshots the perfect example of the platform that allows for ephemeral marketing. Basically used as a tool for sharing fun experiences, it will become a real Knowing the Consumer Better partner. It will provide exclusive content with an expiration date. Applications offering Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers List content such as Snapchat are very popular with young people who flock to digest content posted on social media in real time. Another of the effects of the strong adoption of smartphones on the continent.

We Find the Messenger Functionality on Facebook

story using the narrative in advertising communication. It allows a better adhesion to a brand, a product, a company. A communication tool is as effective internally as externally. Storytelling allows companies to form relationships and meaningful conversations with Internet users. A good way to make your customers brand ambassadors. 2016 is also the year of personalization with content that, in addition to being relevant, must be available wherever Internet users find themselves, whether it be social media or any other channel. 5 – Internet of things & Big data Connected or wearable objects in English, will be adopted more and more by the populations of the continent always aware of the latest technologies in vogue. The adoption rate in 2016 is expect to approach.


an adoption rate of 28% according to the accenture.com blog . These figures confirm the trend already mentioned by the Deloitte study. which provided for the year 2015, the purchase of 60% of the billion existing connected objects mainly by companies. The connected objects market is estimated at US $ 10 billion, while the associated services are estimated to be worth around US $ 70 billion globally. For companies, this means more data to analyze and better knowledge of the consumer. They will thus be able to better target and personalize their message. Let us not forget also virtual reality, which tends to become an increasingly tangible phenomenon in Africa. Countries like South Africa have already implemented solutions in this direction and the appearance of low

Messenger, a Tool That Has Evolved in Its Early Days

cost virtual reality kits should accelerate the process. 6 – The video will continue to gain momentum 2015 was the year of video with applications such as Snapchat, Meerkat or Periscope for live sharing, even pushing the leader in video broadcasting, YouTube, to improve its algorithm to make its reporting tool simpler. live that already existed. Even Facebook has embarked on this area with an “auto-play” of the videos posted on the platform. The social network is clearly making video one of its development priorities, having understood that this medium will continue to grow. Becoming to date the second video viewing channel. As a reminder, online video represented 64% of all consumer Internet traffic and this number is expected to increase to 69% in 2017 and 79%in 2018.

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