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How To Put Growth Hacking At The Service Of Your Business?

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How To Put Growth Hacking At The Service Of Your Business?

One of the advantages of mobile marketing is that it allows you to do Inbound Marketing. Virtually putting an end to direct marketing. In addition, the mobile allows a set of “push” actions such as sending SMS, emails or inciting flash-code. Which can be very How To Put Growth  for your business, by creating a certain privileged relationship between your customers. Be referenced by search engines For some time now, the main search engines have taken into account mobile referencing. Which, if successful, can become a real asset for any company whose core business is internet sales. Google favors so-called “ Mobile Friendly. And you don’t have enough funds to invest in Tunisia Phone Number List marketing like the multinationals around you, success seems beyond your reach. scope.

When You’re Still Just A Young Startup Or An Sme

It’s a strategy that destroys traditional marketing efforts by finding innovative ways to connect with potential customers. Concretely, it is about setting a goal (ex: increasing the traffic of your website). And using your creativity to achieve it. Growth Hackers use innovative strategies, which do not require high costs, to recruit, as unpaid ambassadors, a small community of enthusiastic first customers who will take charge of spreading the buzz around their products or services (mouth by ear) and, at the same time, encourage other customers to purchase them. Growth Hacking works best for startups or SMEs that have high potential (talents in their teams),


but not the financial means allowing them to do traditional marketing or launch an advertising campaign. Since it takes advantage of digital marketing resources. Growth Hacking is proving to be a boon for companies whose products and target are first connected online. How to do Growth Hacking? There is no single technique for doing Growth Hacking. Growth Hacking is above all a question of creativity. It is up to the company to develop an innovative strategy allowing it to reach its target and grow, without spending heavy sums of money. To do this, it is important to know your target, define your objectives, and analyze the results of your strategy. Many companies have used Growth Hacking to become what they are today.

Once The Customer Has Tested The Product, He Will Not Be Able To Do Without It.

Companies like Netflix are giving away one month of free access to their products to attract new users and get them hooked. Once this is done, the latter, knowing the value of the offer, will have no trouble paying later. For Bob companies (Business to Business), offering a free month of trial of a product or service (like with 2Gb from Dropbox), allows users to test the product before purchasing it. Once the product or service becomes part of the company that is testing it, it is much easier for the company to take out the money to get the full version. One of the most intriguing techniques of Growth Hacking remains the case of Hotmail. Before selling their box to Microsoft, Timothy Draper, one of the investors, gave this idea to the co-founders of Hotmail, Saber Bahia and Jack Smith.

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