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How to design your value proposition

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How to design your value proposition

If we had to divide the world into two types of people, it would be clear to me: Leoncios and Tristones. To refer to a series of cartoons from the 60’s that were broadcast in Spain around the 80’s is not a dish of good taste for me, since it shows that one already has an age … But I firmly believe, and I have verbalized it that way in many of my formations, which are two characters that characterize people very well based on their aversion to risk. And do you think what this has to do with the title? Well, a lot and now you will see it. I explain to you below, how to design your value proposition , do not miss it!It may interest you: MBA in Digital Entrepreneurship Leoncio is a restless Leon until the insufferable thing that takes everything what does to the unconsciousness. For him, what is important is the end regardless of the means, and in his character it is evident that, if he were really aware of the dangers that are around him, surely he would not be so “brave”.Sadly, on the other hand, he sees ALL the dangers, both those that are and those that are NOT, and he always thinks that everything bad is going to happen to him. UAE Phone Number List  In fact, she would do nothing for him, trying to ensure that nothing happens to him. What to take into account when designing your value proposition LeonciosIt is really curious to see the reactions of people when the expectations placed on a project are not met . Somehow it is as if we suffered from a disease that made us trust our intuition to unsuspected limits. It is something that we can see on a daily basis, both in individuals (people like you and me) and in large companies.As for individuals, I think we can all know direct or indirect cases of people who have embarked on risky adventures that usually do not end well, but in which they had placed a blind trust that had prompted them to carry them out. As for companies, which are living beings the same but made up of many individuals, the same thing happens. Someone, usually with the hierarchy, official or not, like to carry it out, has an idea. And it seems that as the company is working and considers itself as a success story, whatever it starts up will work the same way when normally it does not depend on the company in the normal exercise of its activity being good, but on others fundamental factors.

Sad Contrary to the Leoncios, there are also profiles of companies / people who, having good ideas, do not implement them due to fear or insecurity that they are viable. Or even because they don’t know where to start building.Everything becomes a world for them and they miss out on good opportunities to be able to say in the future: Do you see that triumphs? Well, I had thought about it. It is also not fair. We all have a duty to the society in which we live, and therefore the responsibility to contribute with everything that can help us grow.

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I do not know if you have felt identified with any of these two characters. In any case, let me tell you that to be successful today, it is not good to be neither one nor the other. Today’s consumer forces you to enter a maximum level of detail, which makes you develop your idea to the point that everything really makes sense. And therein lies the problem for both the Leoncios and the Tristones: THINKING THE IDEA IS NOT ENOUGH.I would say that today, it takes a great deal of humility to understand this, as one must be willing to accept that your idea may not be as good as you thought, in terms of viability or market interest. And it is better to discover this before investing money, because otherwise the doses of humility may come to you directly injected by the bank as debts.When this happens it is because your idea does not generate value in the market.

Why generate value?A fundamental premise is to understand who is in charge here. Let me put myself on a python plan but I think that any company that is not clear about this (and there are a few) have their days numbered.The customer is the one who is in charge and it should be so because he is also the one who pays. In this globalized world, you have a multitude of options to choose from, and therefore you will choose the one that best suits your needs. What if there are several that suit your needs? So they will clearly choose based on price.And anyone who has thrown some numbers on the project you have in mind realizes that the balance between costs and income is already tight enough to enter a war that compromises it, and a price war may be the worst thing that we can do. Bank Email List  can happen in this case.MBA IN DIGITAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP Start your business successfully Sign up! How to generate value?It is key to understand that we do not sell by price, but we offer value , and value is everything that makes your client happy (understanding as happiness everything that satisfies a need, solves a problem, exceeds their expectations). In fact, it makes him so happy that he would be willing to pay more to get what you offer him. They are key elements that should be in your proposal. But today it is not enough to generate value, you have to do it differently from the competition. Look for the so-called USP (Unique Selling Proposition) , a differential factor that allows you to be chosen as the best option for your client. This is all very good but… How do I do it?

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