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Here Is a Term That You Should Be Familiar With by Now.

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Here Is a Term That You Should Be Familiar With by Now.

The most obvious example is the case of Kodak. Which Here Is a Term That  to anticipate the arrival of digital devices. Consequently, the company went bankrupt because it did not know how to see this underhand. Evolution which was taking place in its sector in order to reinvent itself. The largest companies, in addition to having a good understanding of their market, are able, thanks to their networks and effective with start-ups, the latter being the Cameroon Phone Number List  of the rapid integration of innovative processes. Know how to take advantage of your knowledge of the customer by focusing on Big data In the digital age. One of the great challenges for companies is to improve the consumer experience. To achieve this goal. It is necessary to interact regularly with them in order to understand their explicit, implicit, but also latent needs.

That Have Not Yet Integrated Digital Into Their Process

Companies like AXA France even have teams dedicated to analyzing this data in order to understand. Anticipate and test the business models of tomorrow. They are therefore more efficient in customer relationship management. In the case of AXA, this enabled this insurance company to win the Innovation Trophy for its digital transformation program. For the moment, too few African companies have embarked on this big data integration process. Yet they could benefit from many opportunities, particularly in terms of competitiveness. Digitally competent human resources The digitization of your team is one of the most important aspects of the digital transformation.


Today we are talking about the digital quotient of your team. McKinney has even developed a digital maturity assessment system . This type of test allows you to understand the training needs of your teams and to offer them the lessons they need to reach this digital maturity. In some companies, it does not hesitate to put in place programs reverse mentoring (reverse monitoring English). This principle, implemented by large groups, consists of assigning experienced managers a mentor who is no other than a young employee. Generation Y, who grew up in this digital environment, enables seniors to better understand new social codes, their modes of relationship and support them in the use of these digital tools.

Because Everyone Wants to Take Advantage of Digital Opportunities

We can cite Procter & Gamble, Danone, or even Orange. An organization to be faster Agility is one of the qualities inherent in every company that has successfully completed its digital transformation . However, large companies have difficulty innovating quickly because they are overwhelmed by the return on investment, neglecting the long-term gain of a successful digital transformation. Their size is often mentioned as also being a brake on this responsiveness necessary to succeed in the digital world. It is therefore vital that they can get rid of this type of rigid organization in order to be more responsive. Digital transformation cannot be limited to a change in technology or support, it is not just a technical aspect.

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