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Have You Ever Thought About Nudge Marketing?

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Have You Ever Thought About Nudge Marketing?

It allows the company to listen but also to respond in real time to the concerns of its. Have You Ever Thought  and prospects. One more step in improving your relationship with the customer. The rapid development of social networks and the use of mobile have allowed Internet users to Have You Ever Thought.  And have more elements at their disposal before choosing a brand. Aware of the potential of these Have You Ever Thought  , companies have increased their presence in these. Conversational marketing is therefore a factor that Lebanon Phone Number List it possible to understand consumers and provide them with the answers they need, at the right time. A trend long adopted in Asia If there is one country that knew very.

Spaces in Order to Better Understand the Needs of Their Consumers.

used by Chinese companies to converse with their customers. We Chat, Weibo, Line (link refers to site in English) etc, so many applications that allow interaction between the brand and the customer and that Chinese companies use to interact with their customer (after-sales service, online payment, reservation). We chat is one of the most popular applications in the country. Today, the trend has become widespread and there are more and more agencies specializing in conversational marketing, whether in Asia or the rest of the world. 3 – Be in a logic of One-to-One Customer relationship management, a major challenge for any business.


How to capture the attention of the customer in an environment where it faces many requests from your competitors? Social networks are a great way to converse with your customers and understand their expectations. The goal these days is to establish a permanent dialogue with your consumers so that they feel that you are concerned about their fate. At the same time, this will allow you to set up your personalization strategy. One-to-one allows you to listen, analyze and understand the needs of the consumer in order to provide the solutions that the latter expects. To do this, collect and analyze all of your prospect’s interactions with your brand

understand exactly what is bothering them.

Through the various networks, consumers converse and give their opinions on brands. Use that data, your competitor’s conversations , to understand the competitor and these channels to be a part of that conversation. Conversational marketing offers many benefits to both the business and the customer. To get an idea of ​​what you can earn from this technique, take a look at the table below. Benefits for the brand Benefits for the customer Increases the personalization of the products / services offered Express your opinion and say what the brand could improve Improve your image with consumers Have a brand that listens to its needs Quick response and solution in line with consumer needs Benefit from a privileged relationship with the brand Another tool to build customer loyalty Increased customer satisfaction Improved consumer experience Save time in the search for effective solutions Remember.

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