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Forecasts and trends for entrepreneurs and startups in 2021

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Forecasts and trends for entrepreneurs and startups in 2021

After an unusual year, crisis and change are always full of opportunities. That means that 2021 will continue to be a great year for those entrepreneurs who know how to identify them. In this post we talk about the most important trends for entrepreneurs of the year. Do not miss it!You may also be interested in: MBA in Digital EntrepreneurshipE l report the future work of the World Economic Forum highlights will be a good year for specialized entrepreneurs, since 4 out of 10 companies intend to use external consultants for specialized work.There are many businesses that have been favored and opportunities have also been opened in others, what remains constant is that many investors seek a profitable refuge for their money. Keep reading our trends for entrepreneurs!INDEX OF CONTENTS Trends for Entrepreneurs and Startups in 20 21Everything that has to do with leisure and consumption at home triumphsWe spend a lot of time at home and our outings have been reduced, in addition we are closed off by leisure and restaurants, so we increasingly equip ourselves to spend more time at home. French Business Phone List  Keep reading and get to know the first of our trends for entrepreneurs.So we will see news and a giant development in everything that has to do with food delivery and foodtech.Many restaurants that implemented food delivery have seen a great opportunity to continue the business , some have created new business models with semi-finished food to assemble at home or simply have developed more elaborate cuisine proposals different from the usual, for those days specials.We also invest more time in the decoration, the furniture even in small “do it yourself” arrangements. Everything that has to do with the online sale of this type of products and services is experiencing a boom that will not end here.Spending more time at home implies that we want to be more comfortable so we buy less new clothes but we do invest in clothes to be at home and the circular economy is favored in apps for buying and selling used things that no longer serve us.And by spending more time at home, we also have more time, so subscription business models that offer us activities for that free time will also be a trend. Among them, of course, the offer of cinema and TV, books and microlearning stands out . Nor can we forget about the hobbies that we can do at home.

Companies are creating the figure of the Cybersecurity expert, the CISO -Chief Information Security Officer- and in addition to the security measures that we must implement by law, the transparency of our policies towards users will be a fundamental added value.
Deed Tech projects arriveThe technology and digital companies with purpose of massive transformation are using these innovations to change the world.Radical solutions to solve the great problems of humanity as Tesla, Ecoalf or Quantum School do .These companies are investigating to offer us unlimited energy in the future, improvements to our “meta human” body or unlimited free training. Stronger entrepreneurial projects with a global visionJesús Monleón , founder of Seedrocket, explains that more and more global projects are being put together, with more extensive teams and with quality training courses like the ones he teaches at IEBS. This increases its attractiveness and the ability to be investable due to its global nature.Pascual Parada , explains that in recent years «the entrepreneurial ecosystem has evolved towards a higher level of maturity, this can be seen in that entrepreneurial projects are more polished in terms of the value proposition and are getting used to presenting themselves in partnership with homework done and some traction metrics.

Digital transformation in all sectors: proptech, legaltech, insurtech, edtech, etc.Vicente Arias, CEO of Coverfy, tells us that there are already companies that are taking advantage of formal and non-formal data from social networks to personalize and predict the future . They are automating processes in insurance companies. Using chatbots , for example, has been one of his best investments. The real estate sector, one of the sectors that until now remained oblivious to digital innovation, will also take off and be renewed . What will be the next? The cloud will grow in 2021 Accessibility and integration are gaining importance in the business world. The cloud makes it possible to streamline many processes since it stores all the data in one place that can be accessed by any qualified employee. In 2020 we put patches to get ahead, in 2021 the time has come to put things in order and do them well.Companies need softskillsThe soft skills are imposed on skills hard .


In the future where automation is imposed, what matters are skills. The professional profiles that are most in demand now are those who have some skills or what is known as Soft Skills, increasingly important for companies, who need agile, flexible, adaptable, creative people, capable of working in groups and collaborating in network in a delocalized environment capable of problem solving and decision making, critical thinking and solutions.In organizations, individuals have more and more power. His talent will be the most important asset of companies and hisknowledge the gold that they should not lose.Companies that develop SaaS or XaaS in B2B Saas projects are the ones with the best ratings. No wonder the recurrence of the SaaS business is very high, so if you are thinking of undertaking this, it would be a great option.

Right now the investor ” Deal flow ” is becoming SaaS (also called Xaas) that is, putting use before property. This is a system that encompasses everything from software to storage to management and marketing . With the acceleration of the pace of work in most companies and the automation of more and more tasks, it is not surprising that Saas or XaaS will be one of the most important trends for entrepreneurs of the next year. Jesús Monleón Castello, points out that ” many business processes need to be digitized, and they are more niche processes.”Long live Growth Marketing !Marcos Herrera , growth manager at eBay, believes that there will be a change in the way of using growth hacking for scalability, explains that until now it was about looking for hacks individually that produce growth. The change comes because now all teams will work in harmony in an integrated way creating viral growth loops . Attentive to more trends for entrepreneurs that will continue to be valid.  Bank Email List Other trends for entrepreneurs that are still valid from other yearsB2C with differentiation It is no longer useful to launch a generalist B2C project that does not have a clear differentiation from the big competitors because in the market investors do not want to compete with the « Category Killers » on an equal basis. There is also a lot of media4equity , which burns a lot of money on projects. The trend will be to bet on category leaders with real competitive value .Blockchain through tokenize assetsThe future is to give liquidity to fixed assets , and the Blockchain will be an important trend for entrepreneurs in 2021. And for this holding to be effective it is very important that the regulatory bodies legislate it correctly, Jesus also explains. Today we can put the example of the ICO of the company The Pay Pro of an IEBS student.Intermediate classifiedsThere will be more and more verticals , such as Wallapop or Proptech, where they try to mediate in the purchase and sale and rentals. In short, there is a clear trend that all classifieds are becoming transactional , creating marketplaces and above all bringing the user experience to mobile devices , Jesús Monleón tells us.

In this ecosystem, the profiles of Data Science in digital marketing and advertising companies come into play , as the CEO and co-founder of Cyberclick, David Tomás tells us: «We live in the era of Big Data and we need to put all this information in order . The data analysts are just emerging new profiles and help us bring order and extract knowledge from information. “Omnican Strategies l
Also within the Big Data area, David Tomás, CEO of Cyberclick, points to the Customer Data Platform, «a system designed to label and centralize omnichannel customer data from heterogeneous sources, unifying them in its repository and, later, enriching them with attributes to generate audiences and profiles «.Omnichannel strategies will be very important for companies when it comes to ensuring their visibility and positioning . Roger Bretau comments that “the current consumer has different ‘touchpoints’ or points of contact with a brand and its contents, so said brand must focus its strategy towards omnichannel. In this sense, current entrepreneurs must be clear that the consumer expects their experience to be satisfactory not only in aspects such as service, but also in their interactions with the brand ”.Starting a business: how to survive from foundation to first round Download Increase the power of the voice Monleón highlights how the future of voice applications makes much more sense since we see the data of the Alexas sold .David Tomás comments that “Users want to reserve a restaurant by voice alone, find the closest store to solve a need, buy a product or make simple inquiries, such as the weather. The impact of the SEO voice searches search will be important in 2020 and humanize even more the way we understand the positioning in search engines . The audiovisual format is imposed as the new successful method to develop all kinds of business strategies, and therefore it will be another trend for entrepreneurs to take into account. To succeed, any company or Startup will need good audiovisual strategies with which to disseminate its activity.Micro-influencers Marketing

Marketing of micro-influencers will also be one of the most relevant trends for entrepreneurs in 2020. Pedro Rojas explains that “micro- influencers win in presence over celebrities. SMEs have realized that celebrities and super-youtubers do not compensate them in terms of ROI , with which more and more companies are more willing to invest in these campaigns of various influencers , knowing that they generate very good results and that they have better quality followers because they are more specific sectors and areas ”.Enhance the human factorThe use of technology is on the rise, yes, and there are many digital tools that have become essential in business. Simultaneously, the demand of users for personal treatment grows . That is why in 2020 the humanization of interactions between brand and user will become one of the most advantageous trends for entrepreneurs.If there is something you can achieve regardless of your budget, it is to encourage close and personal treatment with users. For that, you only need a good dose of empathy, and a chatbot to automate and streamline the process. But of course you cannot afford to get lost in this area: if there is one thing that can give you an advantage over well established companies , it is this.Multi-experienceMeeting users’ needs is no longer simply about delivering a satisfying product quickly and easily. Now consumers are looking for the entire shopping experience to provide them with more value than simply obtaining a product or service. If you want to stand out in 2020, you are going to have to go further to surprise your customers at each step of the process. The little details are more valuable than ever and will give you one more opportunity to exercise creativity .

Transparency and traceabilityWe are about to end a decade full of scandals and increased awareness of social and environmental issues . If you want to stay on the good side of popular opinion, transparency is one of the trends for entrepreneurs of 2020 that you cannot afford to ignore.People are more interested than ever in business ethics , which is why it is essential to implement sustainable business models, and also to inform your audience of the operation of your business. This will also allow you to establish a dialogue with consumers that can not only serve you to satisfy their needs more efficiently, but to increase that feeling of listening and closeness that we have already seen is so important.More financing and procurement options And here the latest of our trends for entrepreneurs! The search for financing is probably one of the most complicated and uncertain aspects when it comes to undertaking. It is not always easy to find investors who bet on a Startup and who want to contribute their capital so that the project becomes consolidated as a new business model.The DNA of the Entrepreneur study reveals that more and more entrepreneurs and SMEs avoid financing themselves through financial institutions, because there are still difficulties when obtaining bank loans . Spanish and American entrepreneurs (23%) are the ones who most resort to using the credit card as a form of financing.Are you already up to date with our trends for entrepreneurs? If you want, you can add more to our list in the comments section. We read you! If you too are part of the sector or have you thought about undertaking your own business, we recommend the MBA in Entrepreneurship Digital with which you will learn to harness the technology and the innovation in the strategy of your company from experts active in the sector.

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