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Digital transformation: what consequences for banking professions

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Digital transformation: what consequences for banking professions

In the case of responsive design, this no effect on search  be too much of a problem. Improve the consequences for banking professions  of your business on the internet. Have you no consequences for banking professions  on search  about lightening the code? Web pages contain code to control the layout. Whether it’s CSS and / or consequences for banking professions. These elements are contained in a “resource file.” This is what is no effect on search  preloaded. Before the page appears in consequences for banking professions  of the reader. While this loading time is fast for no effect on search  , it can seem long when connecting via a mobile device. To remedy this, you could for example shorten the code to reduce unnecessary characters, which do not affect the operation of the site. Thus, your consequences for banking professions  loads faster regardless of the device used.

Don’t Include CSS In HTML : Many people make the Oman Phone Number List of including CSS in HTML. Even nothing forbids it, however, it is more recommended to put the CSS in a dedicated file. Install the CSS reset : Each browser has its own way of working, this will allow you to adapt your site to each of them by resetting the value of certain HTML elements to 0. Organize your CSS You can also use some tools like CSS Lint , to lighten your code. Each year, the number of registrations or account opening via smartphone increases by 3%, bringing the number to 7.3 billion registrations in 2015. . Local businesses must

this company has integrated a feature that allows customers to access the senior management team of DHL Express .

for them when they visit their site, whether as a customer or a simple visitor. On March 26, By Filling will take part in the Blog Digital Awards organized by Jumia. This first in Senegal is a celebration of the work of these men and women who use the internet. And blogging more exactly to share their passion, their knowledge, their vision. During this ceremony, our agency will have the privilege of presenting the prize for the best blogger of the year 2015. It is a very important moment for our agency. Indeed, we work daily for companies in Senegal to use this extremely powerful technique. To award this award is therefore to encourage and support the



conviction that marketing in 2016 must primarily be based on qualitative content that educates, entertains and is useful. LinkedIn. This professional network, which now has more than 400 million users , is one of the most popular social spaces for professionals around the world. It allows them to meet other professionals, but also to benefit from the latest news and information useful in their work. More than networking, Linkedin also offers other opportunities to companies which, if properly exploited, will participate in the acquisition of your future customer. Follow this listing to understand how to use linkedin to grow your business: employee profiles must be as well optimized as that of the company;

Therefore prioritize the performance of your site for optimal speed.

think about helping rather than selling; develop your network. Ask your employees to optimize their profile Between you and your employees, who has the biggest circle on Linkedin? The answer is surely your employees. These are a showcase for your company and must therefore convey a good image of it regardless of the channel. Linkedin is a network where professionals meet. Your employees must therefore optimize their profile there, because it is like a CV that prospects will check before choosing your structure. This is even more valid for your sales representatives who are in permanent contact with your customers and prospects. Their pages must be as well optimized as those of the company.


Optimizing their profile is a way for your employee to strengthen their credibility on this network and to be able to participate more easily in discussions concerning their sector of activity. Its visibility also promotes that of the company. It is therefore useful that your employees complete their profile and, if possible, share resources produced by your company (videos, e-book, etc.). The more you help you, the better you sell The individuals you will find on LinkedIn are there to network, but also to find useful resources. Take advantage of the opportunity offered by this platform to share professional content. For example, you can take advantage of tools like Pulse .

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