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Digital real estate marketing, how to carry out a professional strategy

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Digital real estate marketing, how to carry out a professional strategy

Digital real estate marketing, it’s time to take the plunge.When we talk about digital marketing and specialization, we cannot forget that although as professionals we apply methodologies, tools, best practice and know how, it is very important to understand in which sector each brand operates.Each sector has its peculiarities, and these have a direct impact on the design of the Digital Marketing Strategy that we design and launch. Singapore Phone Number List  From the aspects of the macro and micro economic environment, the definition of the buyer person , the purchase decision process or buyer journey, the attribution models …In this regard, a sector that has needed a profound change after the great crisis that has hit it for years has been the real estate sector.

A sector that has had to open up to new technology and that is currently adapting new technologies such as virtual reality visits, drone flights, added services and a 100% digital presence. And that therefore already requires digital real estate Marketing strategies.In this article we tell you what you should do so that your competition does not overtake you on the right without even realizing it.The main objective is to attract qualified and quality traffic (with a high percentage of quality score user ), and therefore increase the final conversions.

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That is if the center of the strategy always in the people.For example, if someone is looking for a real estate advisor in Madrid or new construction apartments in Madrid or any other city, my brand (real estate agency) is one of the first options for the potential client: either for SEO, for Adwords, Social Ads …That simple and that complex.Agencies, promoters and construction companies have to reinvent themselves and start applying advanced digital marketing actions, from SEO on page and WPO to Adwords search and display campaignsWith the sole objective of finding that new customer, attracting him and increasing conversions.But in case you are still thinking about it, we leave you some noteworthy arguments: Search for the home in a 100% online process. Process in which you investigate, discard and decide which one to contact to refine your decision.

A user who visits the home buying and selling and rental portals and subscribes to the alerts to track their “ideal product”.A user who visits the websites of real estate agencies to see the portfolio of properties before even contacting them. A user who increasingly relies on local searches, which build trust. Trust and digital transparency. The web, the social networks, the referred content, the opinions of other clients or users… it guarantees the potential buyer when they perform the digital search.Search your competition on Google and finish convincing you.  Bank Email List  In this sense, the first step before getting down to work is to analyze and audit what is happening around the brand.It is highly recommended to follow the steps that we recommend below.Digital Bench marketing Of the main competitors, direct, indirect and aspirational at all levels:Work and keyword positioning.Web traffic and traffic sources. Social networks, what profiles do they have open, what do they talk about, what is their community like …SEM campaigns: what kind of ads do they make, what words do they bid on …Email marketing: we subscribe and see what type of email they send.At this point we leave you an article to do a professional bechmarketing.It is very important because there is a lot of growth field !!!!The next step is to internally analyze the brand itself, if we already have a digital presence or not.How we want to be in the digital world. If we already have a presence, audit the web, social networks, email marketing campaigns, SEO …If we do not have a start with the positioning of the brand in the digital world, we will define the buyer persona in detail, in order to establish where the brand will be present and how. FUNDAMENTAL.


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