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Defining your target and its needs from the start saves you wasting

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Defining your target and its needs from the start saves you wasting

in front of you, don’t dress in a suit, Defining your target and everything and nothing at times, etc. In short, you see the kind. And above all, if you interview the coffee seller… have a coffee; even if it is 18hand it’s your 12 th !icon2Invite the people with whom the Defining your target and is best. Choose people who are representative of the Defining your target and profile but don’t hesitate to be surprised by original profiles. In our case, we knew a very Defining your target and coffee seller and also met a young woman, a graduate who sold fruit. Design likes to feed on what it sees in the “extremes” (we are not talking about politics of course). Important detail



Also, remember to record the interviews well so as not to miss any detail and to take pictures to help your colleagues and readers Greenland Email List the context. Important detail n ° 3: an interview for a UX design study must be paid. Unless of course you only take a few minutes from the person or if it is one of your clients or partners. The amount depends on the profile and the time requested. In the West, there are even scales for that but not with us. In our case, we paid 10,000 F CFA for each 1 hour – 1-hour 30-minute interview .think about the place where you will conduct your semi-structured interviews. If you are a big boss with a classy office, you risk making the coffee seller uncomfortable and this will influence their responses and openness to you.


Who are you targeting and what are their needs?

remember to serve them a drink and offer a little snack, it’s always nice. the analysis you dakarThe most complex. You have to be very meticulous, listen carefully to all the interviews, and not let your cognitive biases guide us. You have to clean up all the answers and share them with the team so that everyone can absorb them. It is recommended here to work in a team in workshop mode. The deliverables at this stage can be multiple. Since we are oriented towards sharing results and creating apps as a result of this study, we have opted for restitution in the form of “Personas” and “Experience Map” personas you dakarPersona: Fictional character representing a target population and helping to think about the products or services to be developed for these people.


The persona is made up following interviews with real individuals and can represent either the average number of people encountered or an interesting extreme. It generally describes the aspirations and frustrations of the person, their background, their activity, their technological capacities, and uses. What takes time here is defining the structure and the elements that you are going to present on your personas. You have to be precise but remain synthetic …experience map lux Dakar experience Map: The experience map in French describes the journey of a user in contact with a service or a system. It can also trace a typical day of the latter. Its graphic representation, in the form of a chronological diagram, gives a detailed view of the experiences and emotions experienced by the user at different times.

Goals are essential to the success of a business.


We had not planned to do it at the beginning but by realizing the personas we noticed that we were missing details on certain points of the day of the merchants. We called them back by phone to ask for certain details and we were able to create the experience maps for the profiles. Important detail n ° 1 : Persona and Experience map are not files of a particular person – they are supposed to reflect a typical profile – therefore several interviewees who have traits in common. However, we found an interesting profile, that of the graduate fruit seller, and therefore made a persona for her. Perhaps it will be useful to us later.


In addition, having continuous access to the marketing roadmap also means that the whole organization can take the necessary step back at any time, and make the most relevant choices in relation to the actions defined in the roadmap. When working on an initiative with many moving parts, being able to see the entire project from that top-level view can provide real value in terms of keeping the team on track and ” adjust priorities as needed. Marketing roadmaps can cover initiatives that are large or small, simple or complex. From creating a social media strategy to monitoring the strategic marketing plan, you can incorporate as many elements as you need into your roadmap. We share with you in this article 4 key elements in the establishment of a successful marketing/communication roadmap in Senegal.

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