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Annoying isn’t it? You are immediately pulle out of the story. This is a good example of interruption marketing. In this article I explain to you what interruption marketing and permission marketing are and what the advantages and disadvantages are. I also tell you what the difference is between B2B and B2C organizations in this story. What is interruption marketing? As I shared in the example, interruption marketing is about a marketing activity that interrupts the potential customer.

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This can occur while watching a movie, listening to the radio, scrolling on Facebook and Instagram or while reading an article. Pop-ups on websites are also a form of interruption marketing. The potential customer is interrupted in what he  or she Peru Phone Number is doing by an advertisement or advertisement. Let’s face it, being interrupted by commercials while reading an article or listening to the radio can be very annoying. The Pros and Cons of Interruption Marketing Still, interruption marketing is very common in outbound marketing. It delivers fast results. If your goal is to increase sales as quickly as possible, interruption marketing is one way to do it.

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It’s just not of this time anymore. An interruption can lead to a negative feeling. In this way, a negative association can also arise unconsciously towards the organization that interrupts the person. You should be earning the person’s attention rather than claiming it. Organizations also have to set aside large budgets to advertise. Advertisements in a magazine, newspaper, TV and radio with a lot of reach are often very expensive.

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