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Crisis marketing, new opportunities after COVID-19

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Crisis marketing, new opportunities after COVID-19

Crisis Marketing, New Opportunities after COVID-19 , is the new book that I have just published, the second of my professional career, co-written with Tristán Elósegui . A practical and useful guide to help companies find their way in a constantly changing environment. With the sole objective of lending a hand so that entrepreneurs and freelancers come out stronger from this situation, crisis, pandemic or coronavirus. But also with a totally supportive nuance by donating part of the proceeds from the sale of the book to Cáritas Spain. Malaysia Phone Number List  But let’s not anticipate events.The idea was born and matured during the harsh weeks of confinement, back in the month of April, where we were both in contact with clients, brands and companies, many who were having a hard time, some who were maintaining activity and living and some few that were improving results. In our conversations on whatsapp we debated the reasons, the actions, what they should do and what not to do… And there the idea arose of launching a project in record time so, from our vision and experience, to be able to help small and medium-sized companies.

Much content has already been published in digital about what companies should do in the face of COVID-19, but our value proposition focuses on an analytical vision, without magic recipes because logically they do not exist but applying their own methodology and common sense to a new context. In addition, we both think that it is time to pitch in, to cooperate to help those people and groups that are suffering the sometimes devastating consequences of the coronavirus from this tiny project.In the first block we focus on explaining what volatile environments are like that require flexible strategies on the part of brands.

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We understand that it is essential to know the field of play and the possible movements as a starting point. It is necessary to understand the nature of unexpected events and our ability to react or adapt. Understand that brands have to learn to live in constant change and must re-evolve in their business and marketing strategies.The coronavirus has been the largest global digital transformer that has ever existed, which has abruptly brought to the fore the companies that have best known how to manage the digital decisions of their business. This means changing the way of managing teams with teleworking and remotely; activate 100% online marketing processes with new customer life cycle periods; change the brand’s communication policies on digital channels …

Ultimately, companies need to stop and think analyzing the context of what is happening in my universe, sector, market, competitors, customers … to rethink what is the true competitive advantage that makes the company work, the famous value proposition. To assess how it was before the coronavirus, how it was during the coronavirus and how it will be after the coronavirus.In the second block is the moment of assimilation, preparation and change of the company and brand sample in a market that has changed, with new rules and where we must already have the active mechanisms to readapt ourselves as the environment demands it. .  Bank Email List  But this time with a well-defined strategy and marketing prepared for times of crisis.The key question is, if we are going to go back out into a market in which the main rules of the game have changed, how can we think that the results and objectives are achieved by doing the same as before?In block 3 it is time to attack marketing with new eyes and this time laying the foundations right. We recommend designing marketing strategies from less to more and from the inside out, marketing with methodology and common sense in the face of the new situation. Marketing focused on people, starting with our clients to guide them towards sales.We propose the importance of online sales as a second waterline, to be more human and close brands, the use of data that leads to Marketing Intelligence and BI , a change of style in advertising and the empowerment of digital channels.

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