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Content Marketing: 4 Essential Steps To Content Creation

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Content Marketing: 4 Essential Steps To Content Creation

Steps To Content Creation allow these institutions to stand out. Today, social media offers brands the opportunity to better distinguish themselves by creating meaningful connections with their customers. In addition to the social CRM function, they also make it possible to attract qualified prospects. Which is why companies are increasingly present on these networks. As evidenced by the following statistics: 84% of financial services companies use Facebook to drive customer engagement; 63% use Steps To Content Creation to market their financial services; 54% of financial Steps To Content Creation services use. You have understood the importance for your Armenia Mobile Phone Number Database of being present on social networks. But the hardest part is still managing this presence well, in order to have a satisfactory return on investment.

order to boost engagement on this content.

they offer the possibility of interacting directly with them. Social networks make it possible to answer their questions and offer solutions, thus contributing to the satisfaction of this customer. A way for brands to be more responsive, thus playing the role of social CRM. A gain in productivity for the company, but also a good way to build loyalty. The other advantage is that it can thus better understand its customers, their objectives and needs and can now offer them the offers that are most suited to their aspirations. By distributing content that exactly meets the expectations of Internet users.


A study relayed by the SWBC blog highlights this fact 44% of well-heeled consumers who use social media interact with financial institutions in particular. Therefore, why deprive yourself of using social networks to promote your products and services. Social media is one option for attracting customers and motivating them to take action. By using them, companies improve the effectiveness of their marketing actions, but also reduce overall promotion costs. For financial institutions, it would be wise to seek to connect the content published on social media with the products / services offered. This could take the form of advice you give to internet users, which you then invite to find more information by going to your site or blog. You answer the questions of

In Africa as everywhere else, the digital sector is evolving very quickly.

Internet users and will be there when they are ready to make the purchase. BMD scale 3. Provide Insights on your domain Sharing important information with your web community allows you to build a relationship of trust with them by becoming a source of advice. As a result, members of your community will be more interested in your financial services. Barclays has succeeded in this bet and has gone even further with its customers by creating “ Connector for Business which is a business support space allowing users to connect with people who share the same areas of activity. Also on its Twitter page , the bank shares tips and tricks to help customers better benefit from the services offered by Barclays. Financial institutions can use social media to share relevant content.


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