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Channels That Uk phone number Will

I thought that my years of experience in marketing and advertising were enough cover letter for my Blog to be successful, but it wasn’t like that and I learned a great lesson. Mistake 3 ⇒ Not having knowledge or experience on the topics you write Writing about Uk phone number that we do not know is not the best option or the best choice for a Blog, since you are going to enter on a slippery slope, and it is very likely that you will give yourself a good “slip”. It is always best to write about topics that we know very well and about which we have a thousand and one experiences and anecdotes to tell.

The “John Wayne” syndrome You have to think Uk phone number one of the main objectives of a Blog, for me the most important, is to create a reading community around it, since it is a participatory and collaborative tool. It is in this last aspect where my Blog has a great value because we can give other bloggers the opportunity to publish articles in it, in this way we will not only increase the quality with the entry of professionals with different marketing and social media profiles. , but it will also help us to increase and improve our relationship with other professionals. So, we can say that a blog is also an effective networking mechanism.

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Forgetting subscribers This may not be Uk phone number the worst of mistakes but it is an important mistake that we usually make when we start our journey as a Blogger, it happened to me and I started getting subscribers only 13 years ago. But I can’t complain because in this time I have gotten more than 11,000 subscribers, with an average of more than 1,000 monthly subscribers. So, always remember, the most convenient thing is to start attracting subscribers to your Blog from minute 0. Error 6 ⇒ Not contributing anything new Before creating a Blog you have to ask yourself if you are really in a position to contribute something new and of value, and this happens because we are currently saturated with a lot of information (infoxicados).

Uk phone number

And the worst mistake of a Blogger is to create a Blog. To repeat and talk about the same thing other Bloggers talk about. With this I am not even entering the Content Spammer. Which I do not consider a mistake but a bad and unethical practice that no self-respecting Blogger should ever use. ENot choosing and narrowing down the topics Uk phone number I want to write about I have seen many Bloggers make this mistake when they start their Blog, they try to cover many topics thinking that with this they will get more visits and more audience, but this is not true, since we will surely achieve the opposite, and what is worse, our ability to retain readers will be greatly reduced.

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Instead, I recommend that you start writing 2 or 3 topics at most. In the future you will always have time to expand. Great Bloggers have made this mistake, so if it has happened to you, don’t worry. That now I remember my friend Rubén Alonso comes to mind with his blog www.rubenalonso.es . Which surely you will know much less than his current blog. Error 8 ⇒ Publish short and low-value content The key to being successful with. A blog is to publish Uk phone number content that is “the milk” . So don’t skimp on quality and length, and always try to make the best article possible. When a post is written with pleasure, an extension. Is not fixed before starting, I think that is not the best way to write.

Not having a content strategy In the world of marketing. One of the most important words and that you will surely hear many. Times is the word “Strategy” , and this happens without a doubt because. The strategy will largely determine the success or failure of my Blog. Start planning within your content strategy aspects such as: Posting frequency. Another aspect to highlight is that images are an element that helps us retain users longer on our Blog. Which is highly recommended to improve our web positioning. Wrong choice of hosting There are those who think that the choice. Of hosting is not something key for a Blog, but they are wrong. Until recently, I had my blog hosted on a vps at Hostgator. And when my web traffic began to grow, the problems also began to grow.

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