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By Filling And Senegal Rewarded At Hub Africa 2015

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By Filling And Senegal Rewarded At Hub Africa 2015

The Internet and social networks have eliminated the middleman. After 5,000 km and four By Filling And Senegal days spent alongside hundreds of entrepreneurs from across Africa to celebrate entrepreneurship and make decisions to improve the business environment  it’s time to come home. . Here we are again in Dakar, with a South Africa Phone Number List in our luggage, smiles of pride plastered on our faces and miles of fatigue in our legs. You did it . The Hub Africa Prize has come back to us . We owe this victory to you. It is thanks to your support , thanks to your votes , that we were able to achieve this. Receive this thank you message as a sign of gratitude. This victory, beyond being ours, is that of African entrepreneurs. But also and above all of digital agencies in Senegal and across the continent. It is recognition of our hard work, proof that digital agencies are businesses just like those in other sectors.

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Finally, this victory reminds us that there is still a long way to go and that we must not fall asleep on our laurels. As we started, we will continue this journey with you, dear partners, but also with entrepreneurs from Senegal and Africa. We believe in an Africa transformed by its companies, we are investing for it. This third edition of Hub Africa is definitely a victory for entrepreneurship in Africa. And that’s just the beginning. #Yesso* #Africa Related Posts: Do i need a website for my business? 5 reasons why the answer is YES Do i need a website for my business?


5 reasons why the answer is YES Working from home: how to stay focused when you are teleworking? Task tracking sheet template Telework: these Google tools that allow you to work during confinement Telework: these Google tools that allow you to work during confinement TAGS AGENDA To shareThe future is mobile, we have been saying over and over again for a few years now. Mobile marketing or m-marketing has established itself over the years as a crucial direction to be taken by any company wishing to increase its turnover. With the arrival of Connected Mobile Devices (AMC),

Traditional Marketing Has Suffered A Real Blow

seeing itself turned upside down to its limits. Today, skipping the mobile phone is a strategic mistake that can cost your business a lot, moreover in this era of “all-connected” and with the arrival on the market of smartphones at low prices. If these reasons aren’t enough to convince you to develop a mobile strategy, here are 10 issues that should. More than 80% of Internet users have a Smartphone The arrival of low cost smartphones has opened the door to a new market and new customers. According to a study by Revsquare.com, since 2010 it has sold more mobile devices than computers. In 2014, m-commerce represented a market share of around 14%. We currently spend as much time on mobile devices as we do on PCs; but soon, mobiles will take the lead. By developing a strategy for mobile, you are not only reaching new customers, but also showing that you are a modern business, which will inevitably lead to increased revenue.


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