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Benchmarking, definition and why to apply benchmarketing in online marketing

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Benchmarking, definition and why to apply benchmarketing in online marketing

Why apply benchmarking in digital marketing.When we talk about applying professional digital marketing, we talk about applying methodology, tools and professional expertise.It is at this point that the difference between what is well planned and executed and what is badly planned and executed comes to light.Digital marketing has been nourished and is nourished by many concepts of traditional marketing or marketing mix and business strategy.Concept that the online marketer has been able to adapt to the new multi-channel, multi-platform and immediate environment.In today’s article we are going to focus on how to apply benchmarking in a professional way in our project or digital brand.From a service website to an e-commerce.From a blog to a social platform or App.Bechmarketing applies to any digital business model and is a very powerful tool if we know how to use it with the correct focus and discipline.We cannot forget that benchmarking or competitive analysis of competitors is a continuous improvement marketing tool.  Sweden Phone Number List  It seeks to improve to give feedback and improve again. Helping to be more efficient and competitive.Do you accompany us to do bechmarketing in online marketing in a professional way?Benchmarking is nothing more nor less than conducting a deep and exhaustive analysis of our competitors .Analysis of key factors or areas, to be able to draw conclusions, compare how my brand does and apply action measures.It is not about analyzing to copy, but about analyzing and comparing to transfer the knowledge detected regarding the best practices and their application in my digital project. Adapting it to my digital business model.1. Competitive Benchmarking : when we are going to analyze and compare ourselves directly with our main competitors.In this case they can be both direct and indirect or aspirational competitors.That is, if I am an online store for sneakers, I can compare myself with other online stores for sneakers of the same size. Level of income, visits… .this series the direct competitor.

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I can compare myself to online stores that sell walking shoes or fashion shoes or shoes. This would be the indirect competitor.Or I could directly compare myself to big brands and big websites like Nike or Adidas. Functional Benchmarking : when we compare ourselves with other companies in other sectors that do well but are not my direct competitors.In this case, if I set up a fashion e-commerce, I can analyze how other e-commerce from other sectors do it that do it well. So I can compare myself and draw relevant conclusions. Internal Benchmarking : for large corporations or group of companies that have divisions or companies operating in the same sectors. It is a very useful tool to draw conclusions about why some brands perform better than others.Comprehensive Benchmarking : is to do the 3 analyzes described above.Well, if we want to do it well, we must also include two more adjectives to the definition given above:Benchmarking should be a regular process.And it must be a recurring process. Bank Email List  That is to say, that it is carried out periodically and that it is integrated into our annual digital marketing plan.Because becnhmarking must analyze at least the products / services, digital work processes and communication systems of our competitors.We can apply benchmarketing to analyze:Complete digital strategy.The brand image.The web user.The SEO strategy.The Social Media strategy.SEM campaigns.Content Marketing. Copy writting Data Protection.And any aspect or area of ​​marketing or digital marketing that your brand needs to improve.Professional methodology of digital bench marking Identify which areas or product or service we want to improve. If we go to the digital world we can analyze how the on-page SEO part works, what type of Adwords campaigns it is carrying out … Select the companies or brands that do it best. Establishing direct, indirect and aspirational competitors.The digital world is very transparent and there are many factors that we can analyze and compare 😉Establish the objectives to be achieved. Define which indicators I want to measure.With what tools and how will I collect the information.Analyze and interpret the information correctly.

Measure the results.Establish when we will plan the next analysis.The benefits of Bechmarking are multiple: You know the sector and the competition much better.You are in a continuous improvement of processes and factors that will contribute to an increase in the final ROI.Your business is “on fire”, that is to say, updated at all times of everything that happens in your sector.As a brand we have a deeper knowledge of the mechanisms and processes implemented in the company or brand.We are more aware of the weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats.There are a multitude of tools that will help us in digital marketing to be able to analyze our competitors.We leave you some of the ones that we use daily:

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