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Basic information about the banners that you should know

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Basic information about the banners that you should know

IAB estimates indicate that digital advertising registered an increase of 28% compared to the previous year, which highlights the importance of the growth of the industry and its production of different content on social networks and web development. However, something that remains stable is the use of banners, being one of the most used formats for digital marketing tactics and online advertising today. This motivates brands and their creative orientation to this format, in order to exploit their capabilities and meet their marketing objectives.

An investigation carried out by Prestige Marketing shows that consumers are attracted to banners because they show products of their interest (according to their needs) and because Bahrain Phone Number List they contain products never seen before, being of interest to create a call to action . Otherwise, the same data show that the reasons why banners are disliked are the excess number of pop-ups and invasion of their screens, mistrust of banners due to their propensity to share viruses or lack of relevance about the ads they contain for them.

On that same point, this is what you should know about this advertising format:

What is a banner ?

They are the advertising pieces that are placed within websites and introduce specific advertising segments. They are made up of an image or frames (a multitude of images) to form a static or animated animation.

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What’s its purpose?

The banners have different purposes:
– Report Purchase / Sale / Negotiation to a website
– Generate traffic to the advertiser’s site
– Present messages in a marketing campaign targeted
– Make reprints of ad views on different websites

What types of banners can be used?


– Page stealer. It has the advantage of adapting its different types to almost all existing media on websites and is the most used in advertising campaigns.
– Banner . It is the standard 468 × 60 format with a specific Brother Cell Phone List weight of 30K, it is practically in disuse due to the rise of other types of banners .
– Half Banner / Half Banner . It measures 234 × 600 or 234 × 90, it is ideal to adapt to small spaces.
– MegaBanner . Its measurements range between 728 × 90 and 900 × 90 and it is generally used in the headers of most Internet portals.
– Banner Skyscraper / Skyscraper. By having measures of 120 × 600, the availability of display ads increases but in a limited way, being less than optimal.

Something that should be noted is that with the change to the digital world, the use of advertising strategies also presents various changes. Especially because of the enormous possibilities offered by the transition to digital media, since it expands the limits in a more efficient way.

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