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Aspects for companies. Some experts even consider that this element

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Aspects for companies. Some experts even consider that this element

Remember, however, that nearly 49% of consider that this element  users use their smartphones to check their emails. So think about responsive design. Customer experience is often equated with customer service. In 2016, this way of thinking is no longer relevant. Why? Because the customer experience doesn’t start with the sale of one of consider that this element  products. But rather with the first interaction between you and your customer. It is consider that this element  from the start of this sales process that consider that this element  are taken. This is not, however, an easy task. A report published by Forrester , a specialist in market research on the impact of technology on business, reminds us that only 1% of companies manage to offer an “ excellent” experience.

Another study called ” B2B Customer Experience ” from Netherlands Phone Number List tells us that only 23% of companies have the means to implement truly effective customer experience optimization programs allowing them to achieve high growth. These two studies show us that, even if companies are aware of the importance of the customer experience, few really give themselves the means to achieve this objective which, today, is a differentiating factor. In this post, find some tips that will allow you to integrate the customer experience. Measure – analyze and improve Measuring customer satisfaction after having concluded a transaction with him or during the process of concretization is a good way to understand his perception of the service provided.

A customer experience is the result of the work of the entire company

Is he with the progress of the transaction? Is the service provided in line with their expectations? Have their opinions been take into account? etc. The list of questions to which you must have answers is not exhaustive. Your objective in this part is to ask all the questions that you find relevant in order to improve the service provided. To measure the satisfaction of their customers, many companies use questionnaires. The advantage with this method is that you can customize and ask as many questions as you want (don’t overdo it though). To create a form, you can use tools like Google Forms which offer many options. You also have a tool like Net Promoter Score which is widely used in measuring customer satisfaction.


This tool is a loyalty indicator based on the question “How likely are you to recommend company / brand / product X to a friend / colleague / family member?” to determine the level of enthusiasm of your customers. For service companies, the user usability scale is also a test that should not be overlooked. Establish a partnership instead of a customer-supplier relationship Today, your customer expects you to be more than just a service provider. At a time when competition is more fierce than ever, it is necessary that companies can distinguish themselves by the quality of the service offered, but also by the ability of this service to make life easier for the customer. For brands, this means that the customer expects them to participate

There is little doubt that the customer experience will be one of the most important strategic

in the development of their business, by positioning themselves as advisers or providers of solutions. This assumes that you have to listen to needs in order to identify dissatisfaction. In this way, it will be easier for you to find levers for improvement. Digitize the customer experience Accenture study mentioned tells us that 44% of companies considered to be leaders in the field of customer experience believe that their digital investments give them a competitive advantage. A large part of these investments are dedicate to call centers or even CRM systems. Why digitize the customer experience?


First, because the digitization of this service allows you to provide rapid, multi-channel assistance to your customers. Today, it’s common to see a buying process start online and end in-store. The site of your company must allow your customers to start the transaction online, but also offer them rapid support for their questions. Then, this digitization allows you to access information about your customer in real time. This information allows you to refine the customer segmentation and to better personalize your relationship. Finally, digitization is an important aspect to understand the customer’s vision and thus be able to create tailor-made offers. To understand your customer, you can start by analyzing their interactions on social media. Another tip is to analyze the different interactions during the buying cycle.

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