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7 steps to a successful digital strategy on social networks

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7 steps to a successful digital strategy on social networks

But, you need to have large advertising strategy on social networks to use the platform. We therefore see that there is still some way for Africa to catch up on the more mature markets. New call-to-action What developments for the coming years? Under the leadership of big names in the technology industry (Facebook, Jordan Phone Number List Google but also strategy on social networks new players like IBM or Oracle) as well as young Ad Tech shoots with long teeth (the French strategy on social networks for example), the limits of programmatic are being pushed further and further. Today, one of the strategy on social networks strategy on social networks of programmatic. Namely the lack of control over the environment in which your ad is running. We do not know in advance on which site its banner will be display.

Which Quite Simply Consists of Buying Advertising Panels in an Automated Manner

very creative companies such as Sublime Skinz, which makes it possible to purchase skins automatically on more than one market. of 300 websites around the world. Finally, the final frontier of programmatic will be: traditional media. Imagine that programmatic TV already represents 1% of TV purchases in the United States. Thanks to the connection of TV, but also to VOD, it is now possible to buy TV using very precise Insight audiences which make it possible to target the household. This medium will be one of the big markets of the near future since TV is the only medium that is still resisting the digital tide. To close the loop, we are also already talking about programmatic DOOH (digital out of


home) . Tubemogul, one of the major global players in video programmatic, announced a partnership with a display network 2 months ago which allows it to offer its customers a marketplace specializing in display, capable of buying advertisements. on thousands of public signs, kiosks and screens across Australia. The revolution is therefore only in its infancy and will not be televise, but digitized. EH Ernesto HANE Digital Manager / Character Agency Related Posts: Do i need a website for my business? 5 reasons why the answer is YES Do i need a website for my business? 5 reasons why the answer is YES Working from home: how to stay focused when you are teleworking? Task tracking

African Internet Users When They Are Connect to International Sites

Always in search of innovation, but also domination in the field of social media, Facebook offered many updates to these users in 2015 . The leader in social networks has once again shown ingenuity to improve the user experience on the web. Internet precisely, this gigantic market which allows everyone to share their social living through posts, photos and videos. But, the major challenge of instantaneity was met when live video broadcasting was launch heralding a new era. Although YouTube, Vine or Snapchat have long allowed live video, Meerkat and Periscope have revolutionized the sector with their applications.

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