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5 Ways to Improve the Security of Your WordPress Site

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5 Ways to Improve the Security of Your WordPress Site

GIF is at the head of the social video consumption chain. GIF is easily shareable on social media. Promotes conversation around a moment better of Your WordPress Site other types of media. Statistics also show that for the same event, GIFs of Your WordPress Site 7 times more views. And engagement than a video. Insights from the Imgur of Your WordPress Site after experience show that of Your WordPress. Use it smartly, you can get anything out of it, including Kenya Phone Number List virality, conversation, and even conversion of leads into customers. sheet template Telework: these Google tools that allow you to work during confinement Telework: these Google tools that allow you to work during confinement.

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luck, it’s not too late to do well.  take note and implement the strategy step by step. 1. Understand the psychology behind sharing s ur social networks First and foremost. You need to know that you cannot trick people into sharing your content. They are guardians of their flow because it reflects their personality: they spend a lot of time sculpting the look they want to give it. This means that you need to know what people are sharing and why they are doing it if you want to get them to share your content on a regular basis. The New York Times Consumer Insights Group conducted a rigorous investigation into social media sharing. This study allowed us to discover the reasons that push Internet users to share content on social networks. These reasons


have been broken down into five points. Internet users therefore share content:  To entertain or enrich the lives of others: 94% of people who share content first think about how it will impact the life of their networks;  To define themselves: 68% say that sharing content helps show what they care about;  To develop relationships: People like to feel involved; this is why 73% share content because it allows them to connect with people with similar interests and 78% share information to stay in touch with people in their networks; To have a sense of usefulness: 69% of people share content because they feel more involved in the world. Who doesn’t like to make an impact in the lives of others? To support a brand / cause: 84% say they share content that supports a cause, to

Show That They Believe in a Person, a Message, or a Product

The strategy to remember here is that you need to help your readers connect with others. So, you need to publish quality content on the latest developments in your niche for example (studies, news etc), gain their trust so that they can share your content and, most importantly, keep it simple because most people who share an article don’t read it in its entirety: a good intro with a neat catchphrase will get you more shares. 2. Create content invoking curiosity, amazement and surprise It is not enough that the content is simply well written or formalized to arouse in Internet users the desire to share. It has to have an emotional effect if you want it to be shared. A very interesting study was done by Fractl and we see four big Uncertainty / Surprise.

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