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5 strategies to create successful campaigns in 2016

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5 strategies to create successful campaigns in 2016

The first week of the year is accompanied by a list of commitments and the firm belief that they will be fulfilled. The end of the year resolutions are in many cases personal, but for the marketing executive things tend to be different. I am convinced that marketing in Mexico and Latin America will have a great year and that we will see more winning pieces at festivals like Cannes and growth for local brands abroad. To be successful in 2016 there are some strategies that have become a trend among the strongest brands on the planet. They are ideas that have been brought to the market with a particular degree of elegance and that today should be considered best practices for companies of all sizes.

Cultural context
The brands that gained the most ground in 2015 were those that focused their efforts on cultural context strategy. Under Armor, for example, spotted an opportunity in the 20- to 35-year-old athletic women segment. In order to establish themselves as a fashion brand with a female Peru Phone Number List voice, they launched the “I will what I want” campaign. The strategy spokesperson was model Giselle Bündchen and she immediately drew criticism for moving away from Under Armor’s original masculine message. The Droga5 agency made positive and negative messages part of the campaign and sparked a digital marketing effort that marvelously positioned the company among women. With sales increases of 28 percent and more than $ 15 million in earned media, the company exceeded all original expectations.

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Pro consumer
One of the maxims of marketing is to give the customer what they ask for. The strategies used in consumer demands are rare; however, with the help of Big Data studies, they will go from being a “common place” to a guaranteed insight . Precisely the American insurance company Geico used a study of commercial aversion on YouTube to give the client what they were looking for. The insight was simple, the consumer does not like pre rolls . The company created an ad that ended before the “skip advertising” button appeared. Geico commercials totaled 5.1 million views in the first month and today they are considered a benchmark in the creation of digital commercials.


Big Data and live ad buying
The purchase of advertising space on the internet has had a healthy growth in recent years. In my column a few weeks ago I discussed long-term growth and its imminent stabilization against other media. However, brands have found that buying in real time and merging with Big Brother Cell Phone List Data allows for very interesting short-term results. Ikea implemented the purchase of spaces based on the climate in the areas of interest of each of its stores. Based on insights on the behavior of its customers, the furniture company invested less money on sunny days and more budget on rainy days. The tangible result was a 40 percent increase in banner clicks with a return on investment of 24 percent compared to the previous year.

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