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Building content for an effective website

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Building content for an effective website

It is definitely a lever to integrate into your overall web strategy. And you have to study the data it offers you. Moreover, during the Hubspot Digital Marketing Kickoff Women of May 2020, data from social networks was presented as essential data for customer satisfaction. Outlook It’s about the track record of what the competition is doing, where you are in the market and where you want to go. Depending on, you can define the objectives and an action plan to achieve them. Google Analytics , often referred to as “GA”. Once installed and configured for your site, GA allows you to measure, among other things,

the traffic on your website and the source channel (SEO, SEA, social networks, emailing, etc.). The tool stores all of this information so you can measure what’s really going on on your site. You can analyze when people leave your site, and therefore try to understand why and find a solution to improve your conversion at that time. You have worked to have a beautiful site and you are still working to make it effective, so do not miss this phase of analysis which will allow you to highlight the problems and optimize what can be, to improve your return on investment.


This is also where the work of a web marketing consultant can help you, because he will accompany you in the configuration of your GA and in the interpretation of the results that you obtain. Our consultants also tell you about Google Trends. It is a free tool to identify research trends in your industry. Typically, the vivid example of the moment is that of the coronavirus which has become a trend during the lockdown period: Google TrendsIt lets you know how often a term has been searched on Google and in which regions, and provides you with related queries.Start by finding the most relevant keywords for the pages of your website.

And determine what position your site is in and on what keywords. Identify keywords that are relevant and on which there is a high volume of search and fairly reasonable competition. Work on your pages which should be on the first Google page and which are not. SEO does not happen overnight. But this work, which requires rigor, will significantly increase your visibility and offer you better qualified leads if the keywords are relevant. Remember that there are two types of SEO on the internet: natural and paid. Natural referencing can be done locally (Google My Business file), we invite you to optimize it according to your activity to boost your traffic, particularly physical.

How to use competitive analysis to help you readjust your digital marketing activities? We focus a little on the Competitor Positionning Chart which is a chart where you can position your company and its competitors according to two elements: Impact of Social Networks (followers, publications, engagement …) Natural or paid visibility (number of pages, content, keywords, etc.)
Once your analyzes have been carried out, position yourself on this graph and set your goals, before defining your action plan to adjust your web marketing activities. The watchword at the moment is ANTICIPATE to react to the environment in which your business is located. Many companies that anticipated the March 2020 lockdown had an advantage,


and those that regularly conduct competitive watches have a better chance of coping. In summary : Examine how you stack up against your competition and whether you are gaining or losing ground Refresh your existing content to improve your SEO traffic
Update your blog posts to incorporate new or changes Test new tactics to get a better return on your investment.
We have just released the third edition of our book available in English on Amazon DIGITAL MINDS . The French version will be available soon, contact us if you are interested. About the Author Gilles heads the Digital Marketing agency WSI OBIWEB .


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