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4 Tips To Provide A Better Customer Experience

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4 Tips To Provide A Better Customer Experience

If the online banking service is not yet 4 Tips To Provide developed in Senegal. That does not mean that it is non-existent. Indeed, many banking institutions allow their 4 Tips To Provide to manage their account online from their smartphone. This is the case of Bank Of Africa (BOA) which provides its customers. B-Web Smart service which allows them to manage their 4 Tips To Provide. And carry out banking transactions from a Smartphone. Other institutions like the CBAO or UBA also promote the online banking service. However, mobile banking services cannot be considered as 100% digital. As we could say for Hello Bank which offers an application for smartphone or tablet. In a country like France where mobile


is the primary channel for interaction Russia Phone Number List banks and consumers , this historic player, BNP Paribas, has been able to innovate through a digital bank to attract this new generation of consumers. Mobile banking or 100% digital banks With more and more structures specializing in financial technologies. Traditional banks may have to worry about. To survive, it will no longer be necessary to limit oneself to a simple. Service via SMS, or to the simple consultation of one’s balance via the bank’s website. Consumers are waiting for solutions that would allow them to reduce the pressure of time, to feel listened to and to manage their wallets with ease and security. Banks will have to respond to the challenges of immediacy and mobility.

Senegalese banks and their online services

They will have to redouble their ingenuity to differentiate their offers from those of the competition. This is the case, for example, of the CIBC bank which allows you to make an electronic. Trades such as that of the client advisor will also be called upon to evolve. The latter now has to deal with a multi-channel customer who has already compared the various offers of competitors. Its mission will thus be to deliver even more added value to customers. Fintech’s storming the African market? If Fintech’s are not yet legion in Africa, companies offering financial technologies are starting to multiply.


If for the moment actors like Orange Money or Joni Joni have only limited themselves to the money transfer experience. They are gradually starting to explore the fields of banking as explained above with Joni Joni and his virtual account. There are, however, fintech’s that are starting to show up. African leader in “cash to goods”, Afrimarket allows Africans in the diaspora to directly cover the expenses of their relatives via a network of partner shops. It is present in Senegal, Togo and even the Ivory Coast. There is also the Chaka group, which for its part offers Mobitrans Bank , a system that allows customers of a financial institution to access their account and perform banking transactions via an application embedded on their phone.

developed countries should soon push them to invest on the continent.

In Cameroon, we have already reached the stage of online payment platforms without a bank card. This is the WeCashUp application , the solution of which should make it possible to make purchases on any web or mobile application integrating the WeCashUp API. All from a mobile phone, whether it’s a smartphone or not. With Mobile Banking, we are witnessing a real revolution in banking professions in the digital age . The latter appears as a logical evolution of the banking service. If the banks have already set up offers available from the website, offering services adapted to the specificities of the mobile would allow them to make them more complete. At a time when customers are waiting for solutions that they can use wherever they are, whenever they want, banks must provide them with a simple, innovative service delivered through a personalized experience.


Knowledge of the customer and the ability of companies to exceed their expectations are indicators that show the effectiveness of its marketing department. Data scientists are now able to predict the needs of buyers, also sniffing out all the right opportunities to boost the growth of the company. But in this mass of information, it is not easy to focus on all the relevant indicators that can allow you to make the best decisions. Among the metrics we pay most attention to are traffic and leads. Although they are very important as we will see a little below, there are other indicators which give you commercially relevant information. The analysis of these will allow you to make the wisest choices.

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