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4 fatal mistakes that would destroy the credibility of any marketer

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4 fatal mistakes that would destroy the credibility of any marketer

Credibility is the most important weapon of any professional, and in the case of one more marketer, because they require being in contact with brands and CEOs who seek the peace of mind of having a working relationship with someone who has credibility.

An analysis by Nielsen Norman Group refers to some Asian, Canadian and even big city managers who have as a hobby to check their counterparts from other brands Egypt Phone Number List or staff with whom they deal, regardless of the command, they always seek to deal with a credible person However, there is a “halo of negativity” with which it is assumed that people are experts in their work, but that when they fail, they detract from their performance.

Use of the corporate word . The corporate language does not only refer to corporations, but to professional services, so an overexploitation of formal terms can provoke the antipathy of the other party.

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Ignore the design and first impressions. For the fundamentals of design, it goes from the design of an image, to editorial design, so not making sure if it combines or will arouse a good impression on the website is a costly mistake, since “first impressions” are usually between 17 and 50 milliseconds, just in a blink.

Not appearing approachable. People often perceive as accessible a person who is easy to reach or the opposite, so the design of a page or digital marketing strategy with Brother Cell Phone List the wrong words will seem inaccessible to potential customers, who will hesitate to do so, in addition to that the website must have contact forms and suggestions in case the user has doubts.

Do not test the web operation. Sometimes, marketers or managers do not review their own website and do not check links, forms, menus, downloads, payment buttons, or do not send forms, so a website in poor condition will destroy any credibility

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