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3 tips to boost the visibility of your content on social networks

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3 tips to boost the visibility of your content on social networks

The leaders of digital transformation have one content on social networks : the continuous improvement of the customer experience. In this world where the customer is more than informed. It is vital to deliver a useful service through a unique content on social networks. In a study published by Gartner, 89% of business leaders survey believe. The customer content on social networks will be their main basis for competition by 2016 . To achieve this, you need to be able to understand the customer and their behavior, adapt to their multichannel journey. And build a relationship with them that goes beyond sales. It is important to master the purchasing cycle of your content on social networks in order to know their concerns and thus be able to respond to them favorably. Understanding your customers allows you to deliver the right offer to them at the right time.


Responsiveness is one of the greatest assets of these Philippines Phone Number List industries. It’s important to be there when the customer needs you and not to keep them waiting. Whether it is for information or a service to be deliver, you must automate your processes so that these requests are take care of immediately. For the business, automation is useful because it allows: faster prospecting; simpler and cheaper customer acquisition; improved customer experience. Consumer interactions on the internet reveal attitudes and behaviors. These behaviors are information companies need to collect, to understand this consumer and make smart decisions.- Excellent mastery of data

A drop in the Google ranking equates to a loss of visibility

Companies that have successfully transformed have understood very early on that it is necessary to integrate high quality CRM into their process in order to collect data that is more relevant, well organized and easy to analyze. These metrics allow them to understand the different channels used by their customers, their concerns and their centers of interest. Therefore it is necessary to combine the data collected on social platforms, with the information collected from your CRM. Analyzing this data provides valuable insight into current purchasing behavior and makes it easier to make the right decisions, but above all more quickly.



In terms of prospecting, this also allows them to conclude more quickly with prospects, by offering them the solution that suits their concerns. Human resources with digital skills The last common point mentioned in this post is the ability to attract the best human resources. Digital is a new and evolving sector. Not all of the skills require to be successful in this industry are findd in your business. Successful companies are constantly looking to attract digital talent. Some even go further by acquiring start-ups or supporting incubations. Thus, it offers these companies the possibility of remaining in their particular model while benefiting from ideas with high added value.

implementation of an effective strategy and whose results are measurable.


These acquisitions help most of these companies to improve their digital-related services (eg online sales), to deliver a better experience to customers and to acquire the best skills for this activity. Today the world is run by companies like Amazon, Apple, Google or more recently Uber. However, all sectors are affected by the digital revolution. Industries such as hotels, insurance, finance and even health are now taking advantage of the potential of digital technology to innovate. Digital transformation has therefore become an imperative for companies. Traditional business models quickly become obsolete as this example shows. Since 2000, half of the companies in the ‘Fortune 500’ ranking have disappeared from this list or have been bought out .

The smartphone has taken a preponderant place in the daily life of humans. Today, this small device appears to be essential as the applications and possibilities it offers are numerous. In Senegal for example, there are nowadays more mobile users than Internet users. Aware of this fact, most companies have adapted their sites to make them mobile friendly. Google had also announced that sites that were not mobile compatible risked losing their SEO on Google. It was then the Mobilegeddon version. The search engine has just announced a new update of this algorithm, which should be effective by May 2016.


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