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3 resolutions for the coming year in terms of email marketing

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3 resolutions for the coming year in terms of email marketing

Today has started a new year and, as always, today is the day of new resolutions: stop smoking, lose weight, start playing sports and be more in contact with loved ones. But, from here, what we want is to give you 4 resolutions for this year that is just beginning in terms of e-mail marketing, one of the marketing strategies that you should not leave abandoned in your campaigns.

And it is that, more and more, are the companies that opt ​​for this marketing strategy. For example, in Germany, the number of companies that have opted for Russia Phone Number List email marketing has been constantly evolving, going from 498,000 to 1,200,000 last year (according to data published in the Deutsche Post).

Next, we leave you with these 4 New Year’s resolutions for email marketing that you should take into account:

1.- Choose the best delivery time

When sending your emails in your email marketing strategy, you must take into account, without a doubt, the best time to send them. Thus, you can address different groups of recipients and do it through scheduled emails, so that you do not have to worry about having to send the emails at the most favorable time.

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2.- The ‘issue’ is very important

When sending an email, you must take into account that the ‘subject’ is very important, since, thanks to it, you will be able to capture the user’s attention and make them see your emails. To do this, try to put a subject in your email that stands out from the rest worse, you do not want to Brother Cell Phone List achieve it at all costs, since the user may mark your email as spam. For that, forget about special characters or writing everything in capital letters, for example.

3.- Special offers

If there is something that will attract the attention of users, it is, without a doubt, special offers and promotional coupons. Therefore, offer something like this to your clients to start the year, so that they start it with you and stay true to your brand or business for the rest of the year.

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