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13 tools for agile project management

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13 tools for agile project management

Digitization and digital transformation have driven the emergence of new forms of organization within companies. The agile project management has been a revolution in response to the high demand existing within organizations to offer the best service in record time.It may interest you: Master in Digital Project ManagementTrends such as the application of Agile methodologies or gamification in the company are some of the most used tools to satisfy the needs of consumers. Did you know that companies like Amazon, Spotify or Apple use different methodologies to stay on the crest of the wave? Would you know how to apply it in your job? Find out why with this article!There are many ways to bet on them, whether you can afford to spend money or not. The question is to want to change things in order to energize your work team and make your business profitable.In many sectors where changes are the order of the day, companies need to develop all their services quickly and competitively.  China Phone Number List  This becomes an arduous task to achieve but not impossible. Normally, it is best to test the different functionalities of the service to measure whether it works or not. Hence, offer a perfect final solution. For the whole process to be carried out correctly, the Digital Project Management will take care of it, ensuring that the best service is offered to customers.To apply agile project management within any business department, different tools will be used that will lead you to success.

Which one is the best? Which ones offer me the free or paid option? Here we present the 15 tools that are most useful and profitable for a company:TrelloThe truth is that this platform is extremely useful, flexible, visual and FREE! It allows to visually and temporarily organize workflows comfortably. It is made from vertical columns to which the different stages of the project can be assigned (pending, in progress, completed …), notes, profiles of certain workers, etc. We can also create categories and check-lists to mark all tasks completed or to be finished, etc.Trello has its app for smartphones and tablets, in addition to allowing web access. Are you going to miss out on the enormous advantages it offers you? You will surely stay with her!Atlassian jira The ideal tool for software companies. You have the possibility to organize the stages of a project, assign them to professionals and follow their development as a team.Its interface is very comfortable and intuitive because it shows all the activities to come, in development, completed or in incidents from the same main module organized by columns.

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Its downside? It is paid. But, despite this, this software is not excessively expensive and allows the download of a free trial week. The agile project management was never so easy!Asana With over 400,000 users, Asana is one of the most popular software around. It was created by Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder of Facebook and is designed to improve team communication and collaboration.Users think highly of Asana and praise its intuitive design. Also its functionalities: it allows professionals to visualize their objectives, assign a time and prioritize them, receive updates and view everything as a calendar.

Asana is free for teams of 15 members, while its payment options are: Premium Workspaces for more than 15 members and Organizations for those companies with more than 100 employees.What is Agile Management and how to apply it in the companyDownload Axosoft This software has four modules: Scrum , Bug Manager, Help Desk and Wiki. Optimize operational processes through automated analysis, graphs, and a dashboard that enables viewing, editing, and dissemination of tasks.The application of an agile project management is simple through all the possibilities that it offers us. Bank Email List  Despite being a paid tool, it has the possibility for the user to download a 14-day trial version. If you try it, can you tell us if you have kept it?iceScrum This software is completely free and makes it easy to meet business goals. Allow the organization of tasks by columns, exactly the same as the previous ones. However, as a free program, its advantage is focused on the analysis, indicators and graphs that it builds from the data we provide. Does it fit your needs?Scrumblr And here is a tool for the laziest who look for facilities within their organization without getting too complicated. Write the name of your board and click GO! A blackboard will appear whose size you can modify and along with tools that you will discover yourself.MASTER IN DIGITAL PROJECT MANAGEMENTLearn to develop innovative products and services in complex environments and efficient project planning and management.I want to find out!

Through the link you can share it with whoever you want. They can edit and modify the content just like you. More useful is the version to download (also free) that can also be viewed in the web browser. The negative? The usability is pretty neglected.LeanKit With LeanKit you will apply Kanban quickly and easily, organizing the tasks of any organization in a similar way to the vertical columns of other platforms but including many other functionalities (such as analysis and recommendations for improvement), as well as visual elements (subdivisions within each column). It has a totally free version but limited to small teams. Therefore, it is ideal for small businesses.Despite this, it has paid versions that include numerous advantages such as unlimited whiteboards. Any employee will be able to carry out an agile management of their projects, what are you waiting for?Active CollaA little known tool but with a very simple and powerful interface. Thanks to being an intuitive platform focused on the optimization of resources, it allows to know in which phase of the project each employee is, how much budget has been allocated, if it is stuck or what workload each worker carries.With it we can add or insert styles, images, links etc. and any employee will know what to do, when to deliver their tasks and maintain fluid communication with the rest of their team. It is usually used by the coordinators or managers of each project to control whether the process meets their expectations.

Flow-eIt is an application that treats your emails as tasks without having to leave Gmail or Outlook. Therefore, all the changes you make in Flow-e are also made at the same time in the email accounts without you having to leave the application.Flow-e is similar to Trello in that it organizes everything into three prominent columns (To-DO, Doing and Done) and each task arrives in the mail as a different task. Do not miss its operation with this video:Google drive The well-known Google tool is used universally in the home, school, university and work environment. It has numerous actions located in Drive with which we can create Excel files, Docs, Presentations, Drawings and Forms, as well as share them with other people by invitation or by creating a link.Likewise, Drive also allows you to upload files of all kinds, even in PDF, video or audio format. A luxury of free tool!Basecamp Basecamp allows you to create discussion boards where workers can write comments on specific tasks, task lists, and even a document clearinghouse that can be easily integrated with mail.Inconvenient? It is paid but has a trial version for a duration of 2 monthsSlackIt is a tool where real-time messaging triumphs . That is, it was created to improve communication between the teams of a company. Its operation is like the WhatsApp social network with the main advantage that it is compatible with Windows, iOS and Android.One of its peculiarities is that it offers employees a highly customizable experience where it is possible to create independent work groups and common rooms to meet any organizational need.The tool allows us to create fluid communication between company workers from any geographical point and enables the sending of documentation and information in real time.Planning Poker A tool based on gamification, simple and simple to use. Based on the Scrum methodology, planning poker is based on the technique of estimating the time required by a task that occurs in a team. Its main characteristic is that it uses numbered cards based on the Fibonacci sequence and the higher the number, the greater the probability of making a mistake in the estimation.Sprints weren’t so much fun since this tool existed!

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